3 Steps To Improve Your Retail Cash Management Solution

    Sep 22 2014

    Topics: Cash Management Solutions, Retail

    The retail market today is still steadily reliant on cash payments. Although credit and debit payments are increasingly popular with customers as forms of payment, cash will always remain an option. But handling hard currency can lead to myriad errors that ultimately lead to you losing money. Keeping up to date with your cash management solutions is vital in order to ensure your retail business remains profitable and productive for the long run.

    Cash management is at the core of a good business plan. Bad cash management will affect every other part of your business. If your business is constantly taking on losses caused by operational errors while counting cash, you will struggle to grow. With a decrease in profits caused by human error while handling cash, you will have less capital, and you might just have to increase your prices and lose the competitive edge in the retail market. You won’t be happy and neither will your customers.

    Request the Help of an Expert for your Cash Management Solution

    You may believe that cash management issues are inevitable in business—especially retail—but they do not need to be. The first step to implementing a retail cash management solution is to engage a professional consultant to review your cash flow cycle. An expert will look at the big picture to identify any weaknesses and come up with a cash management solution that works for your specific needs. Once you engage a consultant, you will be sure to notice an increase in profits and efficiencies as well as a decrease in risk, cash losses, and shrinkage.

    Automate Your System to Save Time and Money

    Consider automating your cash flow system. The majority of losses in business come from small operational errors caused by employees. Automating your system is an ideal cash management solution for any retail business. If you are still handing out floats, reconciling end-of-day counts, counting coins by hand and physically going to the bank to deposit your daily cash count, you’re wasting your time and your employees’ time. What’s more, you’re risking the chance of human error in many aspects of your cash flow cycle.

    By using an integrated cash management system that recycles banknotes and coins you’ll ensure your retail business’s deposits are accurate each and every time. Your end-of-day cash counts will no longer be riddled with discrepancies and your labour costs will go down. Let the machines do all the work! Coin sorters and automatic cash recyclers can save your employees a lot of stress and valuable time.

    Additionally, by showing your employees that every dime is now being counted, you’ll most likely see less shrinkage from internal theft. You’ll save more of your business’s hard-earned money and keep your retail employees happy by avoiding the stress of dealing with the suspicion of theft in the workplace.

    Hire a Cash Management Pick-Up Service to Simplify Your Cash Deposits

    Some companies specialize in transporting cash. Why take precious moments away from your day by constantly driving back and forth from the bank—and waiting in line—if you can hire a cash management pick-up service? Not to mention, leaving cash in your safe simply increases your risk of theft. These cash pick-up services ensure the utmost security for the safe delivery of your cash to your bank.

    Think of your bottom line. Every loonie counts so make sure you are counting them correctly the first time around. Don’t let your retail business lose cash in everyday transactions—start working on a cash management solution today.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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