3 Steps to Improving Your Branch Banking Operations

    Mar 18 2019

    Topics: Bank Branch Service Solutions

    The number of people who bank exclusively at a branch has been dropping for years now. As a result, your budgets have likely tightened.

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    That doesn’t mean branch banking operations have become obsolete. In fact, many North Americans do rely on bank branches to complete most of their banking. If there’s an issue, even those who favour mobile apps and online banking are more likely to seek guidance at their branch.

    In fact, most people prefer to take a trip to the branch versus waiting on the phone to get an issue resolved. You have to be prepared to deliver best-in-class customer service when this happens.

    That leaves branch managers like you in a precarious position. Your budget is tighter than ever before, but you’re expected to deliver top-notch customer service. How can you do so on a limited budget?

    You can take some of these three steps towards improving your branch banking operations to start.

    1. Make Customer Service the Touchstone of Branch Banking Operations

    The first thing you should do is put customer experience front and centre in your branch. Instead of considering what will get people into the branch, focus instead on why they arrive.

    As mentioned, most North Americans prefer visiting their branch when they encounter an issue. They’d much rather speak with a representative in person versus deal with someone over the phone. Whether the mobile app is malfunctioning or they want to apply for a loan, your customers are likely to come into the branch for these services.

    Your tellers and other branch employees must be ready to deliver a great customer experience when these clients arrive. You should focus on how to answer common customer questions and how to deal empathetically with frustrated customers. After all, many are arriving after experiencing an issue, so being able to reassure them is key.

    2. Streamline Technology in the Bank Branch

    Once you’ve turned your customer service representatives towards a customer experience orientation, you need to make sure your branch banking operations support the customer experience.

    You’ll want to focus on the technology you’re using, as well as your processes and procedures. Everything you do should be focused on delivering a streamlined, seamless experience for the customer.

    This includes having access to the customer’s information in real time, so that the app and your systems are synced. It also means your representatives should be able to deliver service in a way that’s free from interruptions.

    You should be using the latest cash management technology and bank branch peripherals to provide a streamlined experience for your customers. By using the right technology, you make it easier for them to interact with you.

    3. Work with a Single Provider for All Your Bank Branch Peripherals

    While still thinking about technology, you may want to look at how many different vendors you’re purchasing products and services from. If you buy from several different providers, you’re more likely to experience service interruptions. Certain machines may not integrate fully with others, and service and maintenance may not be performed the same way between companies.

    By paring down the list of vendors you work with to just one, you can streamline all of your technology and ensure best-in-class service delivery. This ensures you have the right number of pin pads on hand at all times. It also gives you greater peace of mind when it comes to sending malfunctioning equipment out for repair.

    Most importantly, it helps you keep everything up and running. You’re ready to provide a streamlined experience for each customer who walks in through your doors.

    These three steps are easy ways to begin improving your branch banking operations. If you’re looking for ways to build on excellence, contact a provider and get started today.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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