3 Undeniable Advantages of Currency Counters for Businesses (Updated 2019)

    Apr 03 2015

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    Does your business still rely on counting by hand to keep track of how much money it has?

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    If so, it might be time for a change. As issues like counting errors, lost productivity time and counterfeiting continue to plague businesses across Canada, an increasing number of enterprises are seeking out the help of cash management solutions like coin sorters and currency counters. These machines, first introduced in Great Britain in 1980, are a necessity for any business looking to become more efficient and less prone to error in its finances.

    Is your business missing out on all the advantages that coin sorters and cash management solutions have to offer? Here are the three biggest reasons why coin and bill counters are the right choice for every business:

    Currency counter machines save time.

    Counting money by hand takes time -- and lots of it. In order to be sure an error wasn't made, it's often necessary to count the money two or three times, wasting time and money and compromising worker productivity. In contrast, a currency counting machine requires mere seconds to count hundreds of bills, allowing your workers to spend their time at work attending to more important duties that enhance your business.

    Currency counters are accurate.

    The probability for human error is incredibly high while counting currency by hand, especially when counting large quantities of coins or bills. With coin sorters and currency counters, you can be assured that you will receive 100% accurate results in all its cash transactions.

    Currency counters are secure.

    Did you know that counterfeiting has been a pervasive, prevalent crime since the 1800s? During this time, banks would issue their own currency, making it much easier for people to replicate their own counterfeit currency. Today, counterfeiting remains a serious problem. The new polymer bills are no exception. Cash and coin counters today use technology like metallic alloy detection, ultraviolet reflection, magnetic thread and infrared spectrum analysis to immediately detect any counterfeit coins or bills.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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