5 Benefits of a Coin Counter

    Aug 12 2015

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    If your business accepts coins as payment, you know that manually counting them at the end of the day isn’t very productive. It’s boring, it’s time consuming, and it’s a waste of time. Businesses like laundromats, car washes, amusement parks, banks, and retail stores can greatly benefit from investing in coin counters.

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    A coin counter can speed up the process and make your life easier.

    If you’re still manually counting coins, it’s time for a change. It’s time to take advantage of technology. Here are the top five benefits you’ll get to look forward to when you invest in a coin counter.

    Save Valuable Time

    These machines count coins of the same denomination quickly and effortlessly. Simply separate your coins and dump them into the machine for easy counting. They are incredibly fast—faster than any employee you have on staff—so you will save valuable time. Once the target amount has been reached on the counter, the machine will stop, provide a total, and alert you to add more coins in. All you have to do is move the counted bag of coins out of the way and dump more in so it can resume counting for you.

    When your employees aren’t spending so much time on counting coins in the back room, they can spend more time with your customers and on more valuable responsibilities, like cleaning up.

    Greater Accuracy

    Manual coin counting is difficult and cumbersome to do accurately. It inevitably comes with errors—it’s easy to lose track and make counting and reporting mistakes when you’re counting large volumes of coins. Your employees are human, after all. But just one mistake made while counting coins can add up to an extra 20 minutes or more of recounting—which is a waste of time. When you invest in a counter, you get greater accuracy, so you know that your totals will be reported correctly every time.

    Decrease in Costs and Losses

    Regardless of how common they are, when coin counting mistakes occur, they cost you money. Miscounting a few nickels might not seem significant, but miscounting dollar and two dollar coins can quickly add up. Luckily, your new coin counter will guarantee 99.9 percent accuracy, so you won’t have to worry about losing out on your hard-earned cash because of human error.

    And here’s an added bonus: because a coin counter can save you so much time, you can decrease your labour costs. You can cut your employees shifts by sending them home earlier since they won’t have to stay late to count coins anymore.


    Clean Hands

    Coins are dirty. They’ve been passed around from hand to hand and touched a lot of filthy surfaces before coming into your possession. Keep your employees’ hands clean and germ free by letting the machine do the grunt work.  

    A Change for the Better

    Whether you’re counting coins in bags or rolling them up for depositing, your organization can benefit from investing in a coin counter. There’s no reason to be counting them manually. Make a change for the better and you’ll enjoy time and cost savings, greater accuracy, increased productivity, and cleaner hands.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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