5 Benefits of a Coin Counter (Updated 2020)

    Jan 16 2020

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    Businesses like laundromats, car washes, and amusement parks know all too well the value of coins. What seems to be a little pocket change can add up to big profits.

    One of the problems with accepting payment this way, though, is that you then have to spend time at the end of each day manually counting coins. There are so many other tasks you could be taking care of, but you’re sorting dimes and nickels, then rolling them all up.

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    A coin counter could revolutionize the way you handle cash in your business, and free up your valuable time. Here are the top five benefits you’ll get to look forward to when you invest in a coin counter.

    1. Save Time for the Things That Matter

    You may still need to sort your nickels and your dimes, but once you’ve done so, it’s time to let the coin counter spring into action. The machine effortlessly counts coins of the same denomination, and it will finish the tallying before anyone else on your team can do it.

    Simply set a target amount and let the counter get to work. The machine will stop when it hits the target, and you can add more coins to keep the process rolling. The counter will also give you a running total as it counts up your coins.

    While you leave the machine to do its sums, you and your team can tend to other tasks in the business. Maybe that means those to-do list tasks that keep hanging around and hanging around finally get crossed off the list. It might mean you can spend more time helping that one last customer or tidying up so you’re ready for opening tomorrow.

    2. Improve Your Accuracy

    To err is human, or so the old saying goes. If you’re still letting your team count up coins manually, you know this to be all too true. It may not happen every day, but the more time you spend counting coins, the more likely a mistake is.

    The bigger problem is that it takes time to sort out those mistakes. One small error can multiply into much more wasted time as you try to spot the error and correct it.

    A coin counter can solve this problem. The machine is more accurate than your human team can ever be, which means fewer mistakes and less wasted time.

    3. Decrease Costs and Losses

    Coin counting mistakes cost you more than time. They cost you money too. All that change adds up to a bigger problem in your books. Now multiply that loss over a week or a year.

    Your new coin counter is far superior to anything humans can do, so you don’t have to worry about losing out on your hard-earned cash.

    4. Keep Your Hands Clean

    It’s no secret that cash is dirty. Coins are passed from hand to hand, and they’ve likely touched a lot of filthy surfaces before dropping into your till. Keep your employees’ hands clean and germ-free by letting the machine handle the coins.  

    5. It’s Accessible for You

    Making sure technology is available to you when you need it is important. Suppose your laundromat is open late. While that’s great for your customers, you have a problem when you close up shop.

    Where are you going to find a coin counter at this time of night? When you invest in your own, you’ll never need to ask this question or resort to manual counting again.

    A Change for the Better

    Whether you’re counting coins in bags or rolling them up for depositing, your business can benefit from a coin counter. Make a change for the better and you’ll enjoy time and cost savings, greater accuracy, increased productivity, and so much more.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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