Follow These Cash Management Tips If You Manage a Gas Station (Updated 2020)

    Jun 04 2020

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    Gas stations are busy places, with plenty of tasks that need to be taken care of on a daily basis. Depending on the day, there may be hundreds or thousands of people stopping to top up their tanks or grab a coffee. Even on a slow day, there could still be massive amounts of cash to be processed.

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    Having so much cash to handle is not without its challenges, although cash management might take a back seat to other, more immediate tasks in the business. Better cash management, though, could help you streamline operations, improving efficiency, accuracy, and even productivity.

    Keeping up with cash management procedures is easier when you have the right tips and technology on hand. These five cash management tips can help you get your gas station back on the right track.

    1. Improve Security with Cash Management Technology

    Did you know that cash is the most popular form of payment for purchases under $10? Many gas station purchases are routinely under this amount, which means your team tends to handle more cash transactions than other businesses might. Customers may also opt to pay for their fuel with cash. Depending on your location and the size of your team, it’s not always easy to get those funds to the bank. It’s crucial to store that cash in a safe place until you can arrange a pick-up or make it to a bank.

    Smart safe technology protects your cash and keeps your cash drawers from overflowing. It can prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your currency. It can also help you keep better tabs on exactly how much cash you have on hand and when it might be time to make that bank run.

    2. Boost Cash Handling Accuracy with a Currency Recycler

    The transaction process is prone to any number of common errors. Your team members are only human, after all. They’re more likely to make mistakes when it’s busy, as they may feel rushed or worried about upset customers.

    Using a cash recycler can help you improve accuracy and efficiency. It manages cash throughout the transaction, limiting the opportunity for error. Currency recyclers also save valuable time, helping you control costs and improve your bottom line.

    3. Protect Your Business against Counterfeits

    Advances in counterfeiting technology have made it more difficult for your staff to manually detect fraudulent bills. Making use of detection technology will assist your team in identifying suspicious bills and help you keep your business safer. Counterfeit detectors validate bills by checking all of their security features. They reject any money that doesn’t pass inspection.

    4. Boost Cash Management Efficiency with a Currency Sorter

    With all that cash on hand at the end of the day, sorting and counting can become two of the most time-intensive parts of your cash-management process. Investing in a currency sorter gives your business quick and accurate totals of your cash so you can avoid wasting time recalculating figures or tracking down errors. Boosting the efficiency of your cash management can save you money on labour costs and streamline the daily operations of your gas station.

    5. Keep Your Policies and Procedures up to Date

    Having clear and effective cash management policies and procedures is one of the best ways to improve the bottom line for your business and streamline operations. Clear policies help your staff handle cash more effectively in every situation, which can result in fewer errors and other incidents. Once you have some best practices in place, keep them up-to-date so your process runs as smoothly as possible.

    Following any or all of these cash management tips can make a big difference for your business.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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