5 Cash Management Tools for Gas Station Owners

    Jan 27 2017

    Topics: Cash Management

    Gas stations serve huge volumes of customers each and every day. Due to the sheer number of customers that make transactions in a gas station each day, there are large volumes of cash entering the cash registers. When handling a large volume of cash—particularly in a smaller venue—keeping close track of cash and protecting its security are of the utmost importance.

    Cash management can quickly go awry when proper policies and procedures are not followed or when cash management processes do not match the demands of the business. As a business owner, you are likely familiar with how important cash is to the success of your company. As a result, it must be protected in an effective way! Here are 5 cash management tools for gas station owners that can help you make the most out of handling cash.

    1. Secure Your Cash with a Smart Safe

    With the large volume of cash that is entering a gas station each day, it is important to protect it from both internal and external theft. When cash registers are overflowing or cash is visible and easily accessible, there is a larger incentive for theft. You can easily protect your cash by investing in a smart safe. Smart safes require that any deposit or withdrawal into the safe be done with an individual PIN. They also authenticate and count bills, simplifying your cash handling process.

    2. Increase Transaction Accuracy with a Currency Recycler

    When busy periods hit throughout the day, one of the first best practices to go is cash handling accuracy. When customers are waiting, it’s easy to make mistakes when trying to serve people as quickly as possible. Using a currency recycler can eliminate transaction errors as it takes over the cash handling process for your employees, creating an error-free transaction process each time. Currency recyclers have the ability to count and verify cash as well as dispense the correct amount of change, saving time during the transaction process.

    3. Don’t Let Counterfeit Currency Get the Better of Your Business

    Manually checking for counterfeit currency can be a risk that your business does not need to take. With advances in counterfeiting technology, many security features of authentic bills are replicated on counterfeit bills. Investing in counterfeit technology can prevent your business from accidentally experiencing losses as a result of misidentifying counterfeit bills. Counterfeit detectors have the ability to accurately identify and reject bills as needed. Protecting your business from counterfeit fraud is worth the investment.

    4. Speed up Your Cash Management with a Currency Sorter

    If you find that your cash management process is slowed down by recounting and recalculating, a currency sorter can provide you with accurate and speedy results! Currency sorters count and sort your cash when you are completing your end-of-day cash procedures, allowing you to have accurate results each time. They also increase the efficiency of your cash handling process, reducing labour costs and streamlining the daily operations of your business.

    5. Updated Policies and Procedures Reduces Shrinkage

    Keeping updated cash handling policies and procedures is a crucial tool to prevent losses from occurring in your gas station. Your policies and procedures should not only reflect the best practices for cash handling in your business but also be clear and easily understood by all of your employees. Additionally, all employees should receive proper training so that they can successfully implement all designated policies and procedures. Effective cash management in a successful gas station requires a combination of technology and planning so that accepting cash has the best results for your business.

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    Andrea Lombardi

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