5 Problems You’ll Avoid When You Automate Retail Cash Management

    Jan 23 2017

    Topics: Cash Management

    Does processing cash in your retail business leave you with a tension headache? Managing cash properly is a challenge for many business owners, and it has the potential to become quite expensive. Most of these challenges are a result of manual cash handling; it places a financial strain on any business due to inefficient use of time and resources.

    As cash remains a popular form of tender, handling it in the most effective way possible is in the best interests of your business. Automating retail cash management provides a solution for any business that handles cash to increase the profitability of accepting and processing cash payments.

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    Automating cash management streamlines your cash management process from start to finish. It is customizable to suit the specific needs of your business and provides you with secure and reliable solutions for your retail store. Read on to discover five problems that you’ll avoid when you switch from manual cash handling to automated retail cash management.

    1. Unreliable Cash Security

    What sort of security measures does your business have in place? If you are still manually processing cash, you likely don’t have the best methods of securing your cash assets. Handling cash poses a security risk for both internal and external theft and it is important to protect your business from both.

    The most effective way to do this is by updating your cash management system by introducing cash management technology such as smart safes into your daily operations. Smart safes work to track each deposit and withdrawal through the use of an individualized PIN so business owners know who is responsible for each transaction. Depending on the model, smart safes also have counterfeit detection technology, which further protects the security of your business. There are solutions available; take advantage of them to protect your business!

    2. Inefficient Sales and Administrative Operations

    Inefficiency is a common plague of manual cash handling. Manual counting, sorting, tallying, and processing of transactions are all notorious for errors and slow down the operations of your business. Mistakes made during cash handling are potentially costly for your business due to missing funds and the high labour costs needed to figure out where the issues are occurring. Switching to automation by using technology like cash recyclers to automate your entire cash management process is a sound investment in the security and efficiency of your business.

    3. Poor Customer Service

    When your staff is focused on manually processing cash transactions correctly, customer service can fall through the cracks. Reducing the amount of time that your staff must spend on cash management allows your business to provide a higher level of customer service. Your staff will have more time to focus on meeting and exceeding the needs of your customers, and your cash management process will continue to operate efficiently and accurately,

    4. Inflated Labour Costs      

    All too often, manual cash management drives up labour costs. This is mainly a result of the inconsistency of manual cash handling; you never know how long it will take to balance cash registers and process cash. Upon introducing automation into your business, you will have a consistent and reliable retail cash management process that allows you to save on labour costs and redirect your staff to focus on developing your business.

    5. High Costs of Managing Cash

    Managing cash is frequently associated with hidden costs that can be difficult to budget for. Labour costs, fraud expenses, cash handling mistakes, internal and external theft—these costs can add up significantly. Automating retail cash management is an investment in reducing your costs of managing cash by creating a consistent and reliable cash management strategy for your business.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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