5 Reasons Why Your Bank Branch Will be More Productive When Using a Cheque Scanner

    Dec 24 2014

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    In this technological age, clients are spending more of their banking time online, on the phone, and at automated teller machines—they are rarely stepping into a teller line. However, one of the main reasons customers still walk into your bank branch is to deposit cheques.

    It’s only natural that you would want to boost your efficiency and productivity, and lower your operational costs, when it comes to this activity. The best way to streamline your cheque transaction process is to invest in a cheque scanner. Here are five ways that your bank branch will be more productive when scanning cheques.

    1. You Can Trust Accurate and Reliable Results

    High image quality, magnetic ink character recognition accuracy and system scalability all help ensure a cheque scanner’s results are accurate and reliable. Special document handling technology and fine-text filtration intuitively adjust the ink contrast, remove background information, and enhance edges around text on cheques to ensure that all the numbers are clear and easy to read, meaning that you reduce the chance of errors and also save time on making corrections later on in the process.

    2. You Can Identify Fraud More Efficiently

    Thieves often forge identities in order to cash cheques. But with just one click, some cheque scanners can authenticate your customer’s identity. The devices are enabled with magnetic stripe reader technology that can identify fraudulent IDs in order to secure transactions and authenticate deposits. Being able to quickly identify customer IDs can save you from being scammed and losing money. Additionally, by scanning all cheques, the system can easily compare signatures to identify suspicious activity.

    3. You Can Reduce Cheque Transaction Time and Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Cheque scanners can batch over 300 items at a time, with a speed of over 200 cheques per minute, which will streamline your transaction process. With such intense speed, you won’t have to make your customers stand at your counters for a long time, leading to greater customer service. Your lines will move quickly and your clients will be relieved by the fast transaction times.

    4. You Can Reduce Labour and Transportation Costs

    Manually handling cheques at the counter for the customer and then at the end of the shift for further processing can cost a bank branch countless hours of labour and thousands of dollars a month. Because of its accurate results and speed, cheque scanners can save you money by reducing the amount of hours spent on cheque transactions. With a cheque scanner, you will also save costs from physically transporting the cheques from your branches to a centralized facility for processing.

    5. You Will Attract New Customers and Keep Existing Clients Interested in Your Services

    When your bank branch uses cheque scanning technology, your customers will have the option to use remote cheque depositing to deposit their cheques from virtually anywhere, at any time. Most people don’t have the time to physically walk into a bank, especially during typical 9 am to 5 pm hours, so the appeal of remote cheque depositing is an incentive for new customers to sign up to use your banking products. Remote deposits are the way of the future, and your bank branch should get on board in order to keep existing customers happy and to attract new clients to use your financial services.

    Cheque scanning is secure, high quality, and easy to use. By investing in cheque scanners for each of your bank branches, you will save time, enhance safety, increase productivity, lower administrative costs, increase customer service, and attract new clients.

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