5 Reasons Why Your Casino Needs a Currency Counter

    Apr 10 2015

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    Of course, your casino sees thousands—if not millions—of dollars every single day. And the majority of the time, this currency comes in the form of cold, hard cash. Handling so much currency can be a big pain for your business—you need to ensure it’s counted accurately, that you’re not spending all your time counting dollar per dollar manually, and that the money is protected to the highest standard. Fortunately, you can look to cash solutions to help. Specifically, when you invest in a currency counter for your casino’s cash counting needs, you’ll make the entire process quicker, simpler, and safer. Here are five reasons why you should invest in a currency counter for your establishment.

    High-Efficiency for High Volumes

    Although small companies can benefit from currency counters that fit their budget and smaller counting needs, there are options on the market that are specifically designed to meet the needs of big companies like casinos. These state-of-the-art machines offer high-speed and high-efficiency currency counting that are capable of handling the high volumes of cash you’ll need to count every day. For even more convenience, you can choose from additional features that sort and strap your money so it’s ready to be stored and deposited to your bank, quickly and efficiently.

    Incredible Accuracy

    If you’ve dealt with cash handling mistakes, miscounts, or other human errors while you or your employees have dealt with the cash counting procedure manually, you know how frustrating it can be. You’re not only wasting time recounting, double checking, and searching for where the errors occurred, but you could also be losing out on your hard earned cash because of the mistakes made by humans.

    With the use of a recognition/ discriminator currency counter, all of these worries are a thing of the past. These machines guarantee 99.9% accuracy so you know that every dollar that comes through your casino’s doors is accounted for so you can run the financial side of your business with confidence. With the note recognition and digital technology used in these machines, you can rely on them to do the job right, the first time and every time.

    Increase Productivity

    Naturally, when your employees are spending hours upon hours counting and sorting bills every night, your casino’s productivity dips. Your employees could be spending their time more wisely on the floor meeting your clients’ needs more effectively. Instead of putting your employees to work in the back room, leave the work to the machines—which can count thousands of bills per minute and get the job done faster than even your best staff members. Just set a currency amount to count, place your money in the hopper and let the counter do its job. Simple, right?

    Money Savings

    A small investment in a currency counter can provide you with valuable cash savings over time. With this device, you eliminate the man hours needed to count all of your casino’s cash, and you reduce the risk of expensive errors being made.

    Added Protection

    As a high-risk business, you know you’re a target for counterfeit fraud and theft. You’ve probably already put in security cameras and other protection methods in place to safeguard your establishment and your money. You can take this protection one step further with a currency counter or recycler. All solutions are equipped with counterfeit detection technology that can let you know when suspicious notes have been entered into it. What’s more, you eliminate the chances of dishonest employees stealing from you if they’re left alone with your cash in the back room.

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    Matt Lombardi

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