7 Benefits of Automating Retail Cash Management (Updated 2019)

    Dec 09 2016

    Topics: Cash Management

    Cash management can get quickly out of hand in a busy retail setting! Retail is a balancing act of providing customer service, making sales, and maintaining the security of your business. There are countless opportunities for things to go wrong, especially when a variety of staff as well as complicated policies and procedures are involved.

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    Automating retail cash management goes a long way to keeping your business running smoothly and reducing the cost of cash management. Automation takes over many of the small, time-consuming tasks that your staff would normally complete during your cash management procedure. Automation has many benefits for your business that streamline your operations to save you money on cash management and prevent losses. Here we’ve outlined seven of the biggest benefits of automating retail cash management. Read on to learn how automation can benefit you!

    1. Improve Efficiency

    Manual cash handling is rarely smooth sailing. There are many opportunities for mistakes to be made during the process that can drastically increase the amount of time that it takes to complete your cash management process. When you invest in automating retail cash management, you will improve the efficiency of your business by reducing the number of touchpoints that your staff have with cash.

    Automation can take over counting, sorting, and tallying tasks so that you do not have to waste valuable time on cash management. Not only is automation much faster than manual cash handling, it also drastically reduces the amount of errors that can occur that usually make cash handling a lengthy process.

    2. Increase Security

    Automation adds security into your business by creating barriers between your cash and the potential for fraud and internal and external theft. Retail cash management solutions are accessible only by a unique login and password, and any tasks completed are then able to be tracked by management staff. This reduces the potential for internal theft by increasing staff accountability for cash management.

    3. Redirect Labour Force to Drive Sales

    When your staff members are not spending large amounts of time on cash management, they can better focus on developing your business and increasing sales. Automating your cash management process means that you can redirect the labour costs of handling cash to increasing your sales force.

    4. Cut Cash Management Costs

    While there is an initial cost when investing in automated retail cash management, your business will soon notice savings that boost ROI. Automation reduces the amount of time and money that your business spends on making bank deposits, on cash handling materials, and on labour costs. It also saves on retail shrink and fraud, preventing losses from occurring in your retail store.

    5. Focus on Customer Service

    When your employees are not focused on cash management, they can provide your customers with a higher standard of service and increase loyalty to your store. Improving customer services will also make a difference in how many new customers you attract; it’s worth it to have your staff devoted to exceeding customer expectations!

    6. Streamline Cash Flow

    Maintaining cash flow can be a challenge for many retail businesses to keep up with as cash flows in and out on a daily basis. Automation can cut down on your frequency of deposits and reduce the amount of cash that you need to keep on sight by sorting and processing cash quickly, so that it can be recycled through your business.

    7. Improve Employee Retention

    The complexities of manual cash handling and the insecurity of improperly stored cash can be a burden to your employees. When your employees feel confident, valued, and secure in their work, employee retention levels improve. By educating your staff on proper policies and procedures and giving them the opportunity to contribute to your business through increasing sales, their job satisfaction will improve.

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