A Guide to Buying the Right Cheque Scanner

    Dec 10 2014

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    The introduction of cheque scanners as a business solution has revolutionized the way myriad businesses process and deposit cheques. More and more businesses are getting on board with this new technology. These scanners streamline your operations to help you save on labour and administrative costs while giving you more time to focus on profit-increasing business ventures, such as marketing, promotions, customer service, and client relations.

    However, scanners come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they come with different software, processing speeds, features, and prices. You might know that your business’s accounting department can greatly benefit from cheque scanning technology, but it might be a daunting task to shop for and buy the right scanner for your needs. There is a lot to consider and it might be overwhelming if you are new to this type of device. If you are unsure which scanner is best for your business, check out this guide to buying the right device and decide which scanner to buy before you go shopping.

    Choose the Scanner with the Processing Speed That Is Right for Your Business

    Depending on your type of business, the amount of cheques you receive as payment can vary greatly. Small companies may only need to process a couple of cheques a day, while large corporations might receive hundreds of cheque each day. Cheque scanners range from simple, single feed devices to high-efficiency devices that quickly scan hundreds of cheques in just a few minutes. The type of processing speed you will need will affect the cost of the device that you will be buying, so it’s best to decide how much scanning you will realistically need to do before you jump in your car and go shopping.

    Decide If You Need a Database Feature

    Many cheque scanning devices can upload the cheque information directly to your computer for easy organization, management, and digital storage. If you are stretched thin in your daily job duties, it might be best to let the machine do this work for you to allow you to have more free time to spend on your other tasks. Plus, once you have all your cheques digitally organized, it will be quick and easy to access any information you might need later on.

    Pick the Right Scanner for Remote Deposits

    Many banks are now going digital when it comes to cheque deposits. With cheque imaging technology, you can easily upload high-resolution images of your cheques and send them off to your bank electronically for deposits. If you intend to use cheque scanning for remote deposits, ensure that your scanner is compatible with the software used by your financial institution. You do not want to buy a scanner only to realize you can’t use it for its intended purpose.

    Ask an Expert

    If you still have questions about which cheque scanner is the right one for your business, ask an expert! An expert will be able to help you select a cheque scanner that meets your specific business needs and your budget.

    Now You Are Ready to Go Shopping

    You already came to the realization that your business could benefit from a cheque scanner. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will now be confident and comfortable while shopping for your new device so you can buy the right cheque scanner for your needs.

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