Are You Doing All You Can to Protect Your Employees?

    May 11 2016

    Topics: Increase Security

    In many businesses, front-line employees are at risk of violence, assault, theft, and robbery on a daily basis. They must deal with people they do not know, they often handle large volumes of cash, they might have to work nights, and they work with tempting merchandise. As an employer, you want to do what you can to protect your loyal workers, and it’s your responsibility to do so under Bill C45 and Bill C168.

    Your cash handling process might be putting your employees at an increased risk. Reducing security risks when it comes to cash can protect your workers, while also protecting your store from losses. Using a combination of physical and procedural control measures can help keep employees safe.

    Physical Controls

    Physical controls include store design and security devices used to deter theft, violence, and robbery. Use low shelving units and mirrors to allow clear sightline, both inside and outside the store. Consider using barriers such as plexiglass partitions or wider counters to separate your employees from the customers. Use good lightning and security cameras. Don’t hide your cameras—make it known to criminals that you’re watching. Use signage advertising like “security cameras in use” or “cash in timelock safe,” to deter theft.

    Place your cash registers near windows so your employees can have a clear view outside and can be visible to the public. If possible, ensure your cashiers have more than one exit to flee and create a secure refuge area.

    Include easily accessible communication devices that your employees can use in the case of an emergency to request help, such as a panic button, an alarm, or a cellphone. A door alarm that alerts employees when someone enters the store can also help them be more alert.

    Procedural Controls

    Safe work procedures, cash handling training, and effective training are all part of the procedural controls you can implement to protect your employees. You should be giving your employees specific workplace violence training in order to ready them in case such an incident arises. This training should include proper safe work procedures when working alone and in other high-risk situations like opening the store, closing, and cashing out. It should also include tips for recognizing robbers and shoplifters and what to do if they are suspicious. It should also include what to do if an incident does occur. In addition, evaluate your schedules—you may not want a lone employee working nights.

    By helping them recognize and handle potentially violent and unsafe incidents, you can better protect your employees.

    Handling Money

    Cash handling puts your employees at a greater risk of violence. Your employees must have safe guidelines when handling cash in the store or when making bank deposits. Workers shouldn’t make bank deposits at night, should vary the time and route of deposits, and should deposit cash with a buddy, for example. Cash should be handled in areas away from entrances and exits and away from the public. Keep as little cash as possible in the register.

    In addition to implementing safe money handling procedures, you can protect your employees by investing in cash management solutions. A currency recycler, for example, can only be accessed by certain members of your staff, can be hooked up to your security alarm, and stores your cash in cassettes until its ready to be picked up or deposited.

    In order to do all you can to protect your employees ensure that you implement physical controls and procedural controls and carefully consider how your cash is handled. Use cash management technology to increase security and deter robbery, violence, and theft.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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