Employee Turnover: Why a Smart Safe Can Keep You Safe

    May 07 2020

    Topics: United States, Smart Safes & Cash Automation Solutions, Retail - Grocery

    Employee turnover is a fact of life in most business environments. While many employers take steps to limit turnover, it’s impossible to stop every employee from leaving. Creating a better working environment, encouraging teamwork, and more can limit turnover. At the same time, talented employees might look for opportunities elsewhere, decide to move, or even embark on a new career path.

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    If you’re providing a good working environment and limiting turnover, you may not realize you should take precautions to protect your business. In the digital age, though, it’s important for employees to turn over passwords and files when they leave the company.

    In short, when someone parts ways with you, you want to be sure they’re leaving behind access to anything deemed “employees only.” This includes your cash handling practices.

    The good news is a smart safe can help you keep your cash safer. Here’s how.

    Limit Who Accesses the Smart Safe

    One of the features of a smart safe is multiple access codes. Unlike old “dumb” safes, which had one combination, smart safes allow the use of unique codes.

    You can distribute these codes to a limited number of people in the business. Most often, business owners and managers require access to the safe.

    When you limit access to those who are higher up, you reduce the risk associated with turnover. People who are in management or executive positions tend to stay with the business longer. One, they’re more invested with the business, and two, they may see opportunities to continue moving up within the business. Those who are in entry-level positions, on the other hand, are more likely to seek opportunity elsewhere.

    The fewer people who have access to the safe, the less you need to worry about unauthorized access after someone parts ways with the business.

    Get Control over Access Codes

    The other advantage of a smart safe is that the access codes can be deactivated when an employee leaves the company.

    There are a few ways this could help when it comes to employee turnover. If an employee who has access to the safe tenders their notice, you can deactivate the code after their last shift or even before.

    If someone quits unexpectedly, you can deactivate the code immediately. This cuts off their access to the safe, which limits the possibility of them taking actions that could negatively impact your business.

    The ability to deactivate codes can also help to protect you against employees who might inadvertently learn an access code. If it’s suspected that an access code has been compromised, it can be deactivated and a new one can be issued to the employee.

    Lowering Turnover in a Business

    Of course, if your business has high turnover, changing your safe access codes every time someone leaves is impractical.

    That’s why businesses should also take steps toward lowering turnover, as well as using a smart safe.

    Showing that you trust employees and offering them responsibility is one way to help create positive environments and lower turnover. Carefully select those who can access the safe and impress on them how big this responsibility is. In turn, they’ll be more likely to help you protect the business.

    Ready to add a smart safe to your cash security mix? Discover the different options available for your business.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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