How Currency Recyclers Increase Bank Teller Efficiency

    Jan 16 2015

    Topics: Bank Note and Coin Recycler

    Banks can maximize efficiency by using currency recyclers to manage cash flow. Currency recyclers will increase bank teller efficiency significantly. Bank tellers are dealing with high volumes of cash every day. They each have their own separate cash drawer so all totals must be reconciled every day. This is a time-consuming process, which is prone to human error. Rather than wasting valuable time counting, sorting, and reconciling cash, use currency recyclers so bank tellers can focus on their customers. Introduce currency recyclers to guarantee consistent speed, ease, and accuracy.

    What is a currency recycler?

    Instead of having bank tellers handling cash, currency recyclers can dispense, accept, sort, and store currency from a bank teller. Cash recyclers essentially replace cash drawers and they are designed to be just as intuitive and easy to operate. They count, verify authenticity, sort by denomination, and securely store cash at the point of transaction. There is software associated with the currency recycler that determines how much currency needs to be dispensed and offers it to the bank teller instantly. All of the dirty work is done for the bank teller. This eliminates the risk of human error entirely.

    Simplify Cash Flow

    Currency recyclers allow financial institutions to simplify the flow of cash through the branch. Cash deposits are also simpler when using a cash recycler. It accepts the currency and then automatically categorizes each denomination into separate storage cassettes. Again, this is a job a bank teller would usually have to do.

    Increase Security

    With the elimination of cash drawers in financial institutions, cash recyclers introduce increased security. Cash is less exposed. Each currency recycler features a high level vault for security.

    Save Time

    Currency recyclers will save bank tellers and customers time and energy as all transactions are completed automatically and electronically. With currency recyclers in place, cash handling transaction time is cut in half. This gives the bank tellers time to communicate with the customers, find out what their needs are, and offer products and services. Bank tellers will have more opportunity to cross sell services and provide optimal customer service. Customers will appreciate the faster and better service. By upgrading to a currency recycling system, bank tellers will be more efficient and the customers will be more satisfied.

    Not only do currency recyclers offer speed and ease, they also ensure consistent accuracy. Currency recyclers are designed to improve the productivity of the bank teller while speeding up transactions, reducing wait times, and improving the overall customer experience.

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