3 Benefits to Coin Recycling for your Business

    Oct 27 2014

    Topics: Coin Recycling

    Are you thinking of investing in a coin recycling system for your business? This will allow you to collect and process coins and reduce employee coin handling. If you're looking to automate your cash management process and a high volume of coins come through your business, a coin recycling system might be a good idea.

    The purpose of coin recycling is to get coins that would otherwise sit in homes forever back out into the marketplace by making it easier for customers to count, sort, and deposit without having to go to the bank. This is an accessible and convenient option for people to sort and deposit their spare change.

    Coin recycling will make you money.

    You will be providing your customers with a simple solution for their forgotten change. How does this benefit your business? You will have the opportunity to turn the addition of the coin recycling terminal into a new source of revenue for your business. Customers will pay service fees when they use your coin recycling terminal to process their coins. They are paying for the convenience you are offering.

    You will save your business money since coin recycling can minimize the cost of reprocessing coins. Alternately, you may choose to recirculate deposited coins within your organization.

    Coin recycling systems also have the ability to accept numerous coin denominations including foreign coins. Your customers can easily deposit foreign coins without having to visit the bank.

    Coin recycling will save you time.

    Coin recycling systems sort, calculate, and report all coins processed. A report will be generated to give you a summary of coins processed. In addition, a transaction log will list all transactions, simplifying balancing procedures.

    Coin recycling is good for the environment.

    By bringing a coin recycling machine into your business, you are creating an opportunity for old change to reenter the market, reducing the need to manufacture new coins. Every coin that reenters circulation helps the environment. When coins are recycled, fewer new coins need to be produced. Coin recycling is efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly.

    Is coin recycling right for your business? Do you want to increase your sales? Do you want to provide your customers with convenience? Do you want to help the environment? You have to determine whether or not adding a coin recycling terminal makes sense for your business. If you think it is compatible with your store, investing in a coin recycling system can benefit your business, your customers, and the environment!

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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