How Much Do You Know about the Cost of Cash Handling? (Updated 2019)

    Mar 17 2017

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    Have you ever calculated the cost of handling cash in your business? You might be surprised by the total! Managing cash in a busy environment can be tricky; cash is constantly flowing through your business and it can be difficult to trace. You might not be aware that each step of the cash management process corresponds with a cost that needs to be included in a budget for your operation costs. Being aware of the cost of cash handling means that your business can plan and implement an effective cash management process.

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     To improve the profitability of accepting cash payments, it is crucial to understand where and why costs occur throughout the cash management process. If you haven’t figured out how much money your business spends on cash handling, it is well worth it to evaluate your cash management process so that you can find ways to save. Feeling lost? Here’s what you need to know about the cost of cash handling:

    What Is the Cost of Cash Handling?

    You might be wondering where to start when determining how much money your business spends on handling cash. The best way to figure out the amount is to use a cost of cash calculator. This will give you a comprehensive and accurate view of your spending along the cash management process. From the transaction process to making deposits, each step of cash management comes with a price. Using a cost of cash calculator allows you to break down your spending to correspond with each step; once you understand where your costs are originating you can begin to implement changes to cut expenses.

    Don’t be frightened by the cost of cash handling for your business! Knowing that amount gives you the opportunity to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your cash management so that you can increase the profitability of accepting cash.

    How to Manage Costs of Handling Cash

    There are a number of costs associated with each step of the cash management process. Understanding where these costs occur will allow you to better manage them. While there are a number of costs of cash handling, here are some of the most common:

    • Labour costs: If your business still manually handles cash, you likely experience fluctuating labour costs due to the time commitment and the inaccuracies of cash handling.
    • Inaccuracies: Manual cash handling often comes with a greater chance of mistakes occurring. Any mistakes can result in losses and an increase in labour costs.
    • Inefficient operations: The culmination of labour costs and mistakes results in inefficient operations. Inefficiency in your cash management will end up costing your business more. 

    Each of these factors, whether they are apparent or hidden expenses, can be controlled by adding automated cash management technology into your everyday business operations.

    How You Can Control the Cost of Cash Handling

    Accepting any form of payment in retail comes with a price to your business. These costs can be drastically reduced by making an investment in automated cash management technology. Cash management technology allows you to automate tasks that would typically be completed by hand such as counting, calculating, and sorting.

    By automating these tasks, you can cut down on the amount of time and money that your business spends on cash management.

    Boost your ROI by investing in cash automation that will reduce labour costs and losses that correspond with cash management. Adding technology in your business will allow you to make the most out of accepting cash in retail.

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