What Features Should I Choose in a Cheque Scanner? (Updated 2019)

    Mar 18 2015

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    Gone are the days of manually processing and depositing cheques. This administrative task has never been faster or easier thanks to the invention of the cheque scanner. Investing in a scanner for your business will most definitely save you time and money. You’ll reduce your operational costs, streamline your cheque handling procedures, and increase your office’s productivity. Plus, you’ll reduce the amount of mistakes caused by human error that can occur during manual cheque processing.

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    If you’re looking to purchase a cheque scanner, it can be stressful to compare prices, features, and models. How will you know which one is right one for you? It can be especially difficult if you’re not a technology whiz. Though there are many factors to consider, the time it will take you to research your new device will be well worth the effort in the end. Let’s look at a few of the key features you should decide on before you hop in your car or go online to go make your new purchase.

    A Cheque Scanner Enables Remote Cheque Deposits

    By far one of the greatest benefits of owning a cheque scanner is being able to remotely deposit cheques to your bank, from virtually anywhere in the world. You won’t have to drive to the bank, stand in line, and wait to deposit cheques in person anymore.

    With a cheque scanner, you simply have to take a snap shot of your cheque—front and back—and upload it to your bank electronically. However, be mindful of the scanner’s software. Not every cheque scanner is compatible with every bank’s software. So before you make a purchase, make sure you know what type of machine will work with your financial institution’s own technology.

    Processing Speed

    How many cheques do you estimate you’ll need to process and deposit on a daily basis? Look to the recent past and see how many cheques you typically deal with on any given day. If you’re only getting a few cheque payments per day, you won’t need to go all out to buy a scanner model with the highest efficiency on the market. A single-feed device might be all you need.

    However, if you process large volumes of cheques every day, you should invest in a top model that can quickly scan hundreds of cheques per minute. It will be a bit more costly, but you’ll make up for it with all the time you’ll save.

    When it comes to cheque scanners, bigger isn’t always better. A simple machine might work just as well for your business needs.

    Digital Organization

    If digital storage, organization, and management are important features to you, then choose a model that can upload the cheque data to your computer during processing. When you’re dealing with a lot of cheques, manually organizing all of the data can be extremely time consuming. Purchasing a scanner with a database feature that can do all the work for you in a matter of seconds can take a load off your shoulders. You’ll always have the data available on file if you need it in the future.

    Talk to the Pros

    If you’re still unsure about which scanner is best for your business needs, don’t hesitate to ask a professional. A cash management solutions representative can help you choose the right model for your needs that’s within your budget, too.

    Feel Confident in Your Purchase

    Shopping for new technology can cause uneasiness. However, if you know which features you’ll need and you’ve researched your purchase ahead of time, you can have the confidence you need to find the right scanner for your company.



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    Andrea Lombardi

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