How to Choose a Service Provider for All Your Bank Branch Peripherals

    Feb 04 2019

    Topics: cash management

    Bank branches use plenty of equipment to keep their operations running smoothly. Pin pads, computer screens, cheque scanners, and thermal receipt printers are just some of the many pieces of equipment you’ll find in every bank branch.

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    When it comes time to choose a service provider for all these various pieces of equipment, you want to be sure you’re selecting the right partner. How can you be sure you’ve made the right choice?

    You can follow the steps outlined here to help narrow the field.

    Look for Comprehensive Service

    The first thing you should look for when it comes to choosing a service provider is the level of service offered. They should be able to service all of your bank branch peripherals, not just one or two types of machines or machines from one manufacturer.

    You should also think about what services they offer. The provider you choose should be able to service your machines throughout their entire life cycle. This means managing everything from the selection and installation of new equipment to maintenance and the decommissioning of old units.

    Integrating with Your System

    Adopting a new machine or switching service providers shouldn’t mean you need to overhaul everything you’re already using in your bank branches. Instead, your service provider should help you integrate any new technology you adopt with the systems you’re using.

    The provider should also be able to help you identify your needs and work with you to design the integration of various systems.

    Ask Whether They Offer Training

    Another thing your service provider should do is offer training for your employees. The right bank branch peripherals can help you reduce overhead costs, saving both time and money, but only if your people know how to use them correctly.

    Training should be included as part of any service package you purchase. Ask if the provider offers ongoing training. You should also inquire about the support they provide. The best service providers off 24/7 support.

    Contemplating Pricing and Value

    You’ll need to take pricing into consideration.

    Of course, choosing the lowest price may not always be the wisest strategy. While you want to be sure you’re getting a good deal, you’ll also want to weigh the value of the services offered. The lowest priced vendor may not always deliver the range of services you need. Another vendor may offer better customer service.

    Be sure to review any proposals you have in terms of value. By doing so, you’ll find what you need at a good price.

    Look for Scalability

    The point of working with a service provider for all of your bank branch peripherals is so you can achieve a single point of contact for the equipment you use. This can result in fewer touch points, greater security, streamlined management, and cost savings.

    The service provider you choose should be ready to grow along with you. As your bank branches get busier or you expand to additional branch locations, your service provider should be right there alongside you.

    To this end, you should look for a provider that’s continually growing their own network and providing services to multiple metropolitan areas.

    Start Comparing Quotes

    Once you’ve carefully assessed your needs, it’s time to start requesting quotes from different providers. You’ll want to do some research beforehand as well. Narrow the list of providers you contact by finding out who offers the right services.

    Carefully consider the quotes you receive. You can also test out a provider’s customer service by asking them some questions over the phone or through email.

    Why not get started today? Making the switch could help you save time and money, as well as getting better service for all the machines you rely on.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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