How to Clean a Cheque Scanner (Updated 2020)

    May 28 2020

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    Cheques may seem old-fashioned, but a good deal of transactions are still completed via this payment method. For some businesses, cheques are more important than other payment types.

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    For a business that handles a large volume of cheques, a cheque scanner can be instrumental. The scanner can help read cheque information accurately, then store it in a digital format. It can even allow faster deposit of funds received by cheque.

    In the current business environment, though, you might be looking at increasing sanitization of all parts of your payment and cash handling process. Like other payment forms, cheques have their risks. The cheque scanner may also be a high-touch area, which means you need to take extra steps to keep it clean.

    If you’ve been wondering how you can step up your cleaning regimen, this guide is for you.

    The Risks of Not Cleaning Your Cheque Scanner

    Every piece of technology works best if it’s properly maintained, which means cleaning it correctly from time to time. If you don’t clean your scanner periodically, dust, debris, ink, oils and other contaminants from the cheques will accumulate within the machine.

    When dirt builds up on the rollers and document track, the cheque scanner may not read information properly or it might generate a poor-quality image. Transactions could be rejected completely. This can lead to errors that are both time-consuming and costly to fix.

    If you don’t clean your machine regularly, you might also void the manufacturer’s warranty. If something malfunctions, you could be left on the hook for it when the warranty would otherwise cover it.

    There’s a simple solution: clean your scanner regularly. You can do so quickly and easily, often without outside assistance. Just make sure you use the right products and follow the instruction manual.

    When to Clean

    You might use your scanner often or infrequently depending on the size of your company and the number of cheques you process. A good rule of thumb for cleaning frequency is every thousand scans or so. If it takes time to process that many cheques, you might want to set up a regular cleaning schedule. Three to four times per month is usually a good rule of thumb for maintaining a clean machine.

    You should also acquire a dust cover to cover the machine while it’s not in use. This prevents dust and debris from getting into the track and on the sensors. Wipe down the exterior with a clean, dry cloth as often as necessary.

    How to Clean

    The simplest and easiest way to clean your scanner is to use cheque scanner cleaning cards. These pre-saturated, disposable cleaning cards are specifically designed to clean the document path, magnetic heads, transport rollers, and lenses without you needing to dismantle the machine. Taking your machine apart to clean it manually risks damage to the machine. Cleaning cards are thus much safer.

    To use the card, simply run it through the machine as you would a regular cheque. The cheque scanner will transport the card through its inner workings. The card cleans as it goes.

    When buying cleaning cards, make sure they are compatible with the cheque scanner model you have. If you’re unsure, check your manufacturer’s user guide or ask your cleaning card supplier for compatibility and cleaning instructions.

    Give Your Scanner the TLC It Deserves

    Give the interior workings of your scanner TLC to work effectively for you now and into the future. Regularly cleaning your device will extend its life and, in return, your investment.

    You rely on your scanner to make your business operations easier, simpler, and more efficient. Help it do its job properly with regular maintenance.

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