How to Clean Your Currency Counter (Updated 2019)

    May 06 2015

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    Big and small companies that handle a lot of cash use currency counters to quickly and accurately count their profits. They’re used by a wide variety of businesses in just about every industry. They make counting cash faster and easier, but during their hard work, dirt and debris can accumulate within them. After all, money is pretty dirty. This can lead to machine jams, false-positive counterfeit readings, bill slippage, miscounts, and bill rejection.

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    In short, if the inside of your machine is dirty, it won’t work the way it’s supposed to. The longer you let the debris accumulate, the worse your problems are going to get. Your currency counter might be state of the art, but it still needs some TLC from time to time. When you maintain your currency counter, you can extend its lifespan and optimize its efficiency.

    Here’s how to maintain and clean your counter.


    You’ll have fewer troubles if you use your machine the way it’s meant to be used. Even if you’ve worked with other counters in the past, the one you’re currently using may work differently. Familiarize yourself with it, read the instructions, and operate it with care.

    Never put foreign objects in the machine. That means checking all bills to ensure that there aren’t any coins, paper clips, hidden staples, or rubber bands attached to them that could cause damage.

    When you’re not using your counter, turn it off—it’ll prolong its life. Wipe down the feed and output trays, hopper, and stacker after every use with a lint-free, clean and dry cloth. Also, keep it covered in order to prevent dust or dirt from getting into it.

    When to Clean

    Though you should be wiping down your machine after every use for maintenance, you don’t have to perform a full cleaning as often. Ideally, you should clear out the insides of the machine once a week or more frequently if you use it a lot. You will also know it’s time to clean your currency counter if you notice batch back-ups, miscounts and inaccurate totals, or bill rejections. These are symptoms of a dirty machine.

    Compressed Air

    You can start cleaning your machine with a canned air. Unplug your machine, and then use the canister to blow the dust throughout the counter. Make sure to blow the air in every opening so you can remove the debris from all of the rollers and sensors. Follow the can’s directions closely. Improper use can damage your machine and be dangerous.

    Cleaning Cards

    The most effective way to clean your currency counter is to use a currency counter cleaning card. A cleaning card is designed to remove debris, ink residue, dirt, and paper dust, as well as clean the rollers, note recognition lenses, metal plates, and feed paths. All you have to do is insert the card into the counter as you would a regular bank note and the card will do the rest of the work. It will run through the machine like a bill and clear out dirt along its way. The cleaning cards are moist and as you run them through they will become marked.  Run the card through the machine multiple times and when you begin to see no additional markings the cleaning is complete. Discard the used card.

    Protect Your Investment

    When you clean your currency counter, you protect your investment. Give your machine the care and attention it deserves by cleaning it regularly. You’ll reduce the frequency of service calls or troubleshooting you have to make, you’ll increase the machine’s efficiency, and you’ll extend its life with proper, frequent cleaning.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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