How to Clean Your POS Pin Pad (Updated 2020)

    May 21 2020

    Topics: Cleaning Accessories

    Technology has continued to develop new payment methods, which makes it simpler and easier for customers to pay. Many point-of-sale systems allow for debit and credit payments. The most advanced systems allow for wireless and contactless payments. Tap and other advances have put payment largely in the customer’s hands.

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    This technology often means employing specialized devices, such as PIN pads. In the current environment, these devices are receiving new attention. While they reduce direct contact between your team members and customers, there’s some concern about just how many people touch them every day.

    With that in mind, you might be thinking about how to make sure your PIN pads stay clean and safe for people to use. This guide will help you clean your POS PIN pad the right way.

    Why Clean PIN Pads?

    PIN pads are handled by many customers every single day. Over time, they will collect plenty of dirt and gunk. With the pandemic on everyone’s mind right now, there’s also been renewed attention on how devices like PIN pads, touch screens, and more can harbor germs and viruses.

    In this environment, cleaning the PIN pad is the smartest thing you can do to keep your team members and your customers safe. Regular cleaning will limit the microorganisms living on the surface of the keys or screens, as well as improve functionality for your device.

    Manufacturer’s Instructions

    Your POS system may have come with a manual that includes a section on maintenance. If the manufacturer has provided cleaning instructions, follow those directions. The manufacturer knows its systems best and knows what will and will not effectively and safely clean the POS. If you purchased your system from a vendor, they might have cleaning instructions listed on their website.

    PIN Pad Cleaning Cards

    If you can’t find any cleaning guidelines in your system’s instruction guide, you can purchase cleaning cards for PIN pads. This is a fairly standard way to clean these devices, and most manufacturers will recommend cleaning cards anyway.

    These pre-saturated cards are safe to use on your POS PIN pad and can even be used on credit and debit card readers, badge readers, door lock systems, or any other magnetic stripe readers. As you step up your sanitation efforts, these cards will give you plenty of mileage as you manage all your devices.

    Safe Cleaning Supplies

    For most POS systems, you can easily clean off the PIN pad by using a damp cloth. Make sure that the cloth isn’t soaked or dripping, as too much water could cause damage to the device. You could add a drop or two of mild soap, which will help remove dirt and viruses. If you have stubborn stains, you should be able to use alcohol or alcohol-based cleaners with a cleaning cloth. If the unit isn’t dry after a minute, you can use another cloth to dry it off and ensure there’s no water damage.

    How Not to Clean Your PIN Pad

    There are certain products you shouldn’t use to clean a PIN pad, because they can cause damage. Under no circumstances should you use ketone-based solvents, thinners, or trichloroethylene to clean your PIN pad. These cleaners can deteriorate the rubber and plastic parts of your system. Don’t spray any cleaners directly on the display or the PIN pad. The cleaner you use should be applied to your cloth instead.

    Clean the Right Way for Safety and Longevity

    When it comes to cleaning your POS PIN pad, there are right ways and a wrong way to do it. Read your manufacturer’s instruction guide carefully, use a damp cloth and a bit of soap, and use PIN pad cleaning cards for best results.

    Looking for supplies to help keep your PIN pads clean during this trying time? Get in touch and keep all the cleaning products you need on hand.

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