How to Find the Perfect Bank Note Sorter

    Jan 05 2015

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    Businesses are constantly trying to reduce costs and wasted time in order to be profitable and productive. One of the best ways to save money is by streamlining your operations. So much time is spent on administrative tasks that can be best spent elsewhere. With cash management solutions, you can reduce the time spent handling money so you can in turn save money and valuable time.

    Bank note sorters can save you hours each day from having to sort and count your bills. When you implement a bank note sorter in your business, regardless of which industry you are in, you will be guaranteed to reduce your administrative labour costs, your incidences of counterfeit fraud, and your chances of count discrepancies.

    Here’s how to find the perfect bank note sorter for your company.

    Understand How Much Volume You Will Need to Process

    Sorters come in all sorts of sizes and quality. If you have a small business that only receives a minimum amount of bank notes every day, you won’t need to buy a top of the line bill sorter. A smaller, couple pocket l version might do the job you need at a lower cost. However, if your company accepts a high volume of currency on a daily basis—such as a casino, a restaurant, a bar, a movie theatre, or a financial institution—you will likely want to invest in a high-efficiency, multi-pocket automatic sorter that can process more bills per minute to save you as much time as possible.

    Decide Which Types of Bills You Will Have to Sort

    Bank note sorters are only as good as their recognition technology. When deciding on a bank note sorter, look at the types of bills your company accepts, and make sure the bank note sorter is compatible. Older sorters might not be compatible with Canada’s new polymer bills or recognize the new one hundred dollar bills from the United States, while some may be limited to sorting one country’s currency and no other. If you are expecting to sort and count cash from several different countries, make sure you do your research first, so you buy a machine that recognizes all the different types of bills your company accepts.

    Consider Which Features You Intend to Use

    The bank note sorters on the market today come in a wide variety of styles with many different features. It might be overwhelming to find the right sorter for you. But you can easily find machines with features that are suited for your business needs. Perhaps you are concerned with counterfeit fraud. If so, select a sorter that has counterfeit technology, such as infrared and magnetic detection, that alerts you to any suspicious bills, so you can deal with the problem before depositing your money and including the bank in your counterfeit hassles.

    You can also choose from features such as selectable speeds for different volumes, accumulation mode, external thickness adjustment, LED displays for effortless monitoring, remote printer capabilities for efficient reporting, variable batching, and feed technology for efficient feeding regardless of bill design or condition.

    The Error-Free Guarantee Is Worth the Investment

    Whether you intend to process high, medium, or low volumes of currency, a bank note sorter can help. Streamlining your bill counting and sorting process can save you valuable time. Its error-free guarantee will ensure that you get accurate counts each and every time you use it, so you don’t have to worry about the headache of count discrepancies eating up your time or money. With a bank note sorter, your cash counting process will be as easy as can be.

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