How to Move Your Lines Faster for Theatre Concession and Box Office (Updated 2019)

    May 20 2016

    Topics: Move Your Lines Faster

    Movie theatres often have to deal with long lines at the box office and theatre concession, especially on weekends, on cheap nights, and when big box-office hits come out. These busy days are great for business but they can also be stressful. If you don’t move your lines faster, your customers might become frustrated and opt out of seeing a movie the next time they have a night out. If you don’t move your lines faster, you could end up losing out on profits due to lower customer satisfaction.

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    Don’t let long lines reduce your profits. You can successfully improve your customer service by using technology to your advantage. Use these tips to get your lines moving.

    Self-Serve Box Office

    There’s no doubt that ticketing kiosks are changing the cinema experience. Instead of making your customers stand in long lines at the box office, they can skip it entirely by using a self-serve option. It’s an ideal way to move your lines faster and offers convenience in a digital age.

    All your customers have to do is to go through the touch screen options and their tickets will print automatically, so they can focus on enjoying the show instead of waiting in lines. Plus, the more people who use the self-serve ticketing kiosks, the fewer people will be in line at the box office, so those lines with move faster as well. So why not add the ability to pay with cash at the kiosk? The latest in compact coin and note recycling can easily be integrated into any kiosk.

    App Payments

    Movie theatres get a large margin of their profits from food sales. Not only do you want to entice customers to come in and pay to watch a movie on the big screen, but you want them to buy some tasty snacks, too. But when their show is about to start and there’s a long line at the concession stand, they might skip out on the soda and popcorn to ensure they don’t miss their movie.

    A new innovative way to help you avoid this dilemma and increase your food sales is by letting your customers use an app to choose their treats and pay for their purchases on their smartphones. Then, all they have to do is go to a designated pick-up location to get their food. Using an app can help you move your lines faster at the theatre confession stand through added convenience and speed.

    Cash Management Solutions

    Still, no matter how much technology you add to your movie theatre with kiosks and apps, some of your patrons will prefer to pay for their tickets and food through an employee. Perhaps they’d prefer to pay with cash, which is no surprise considering it’s the leading method of payment.

    For these customers, you’ll want to improve your service through the use of cash management solutions. By using cash management technology, you’ll be able to shorten the amount of time that you spend on cash handling activities, like verifying the authenticity of bills, counting cash, sorting it, processing change, and making vault drops.

    A currency recycler, for example, can speed up a typical 45-second transaction so it only takes eight seconds. It performs all of your cash handling activities automatically, so your employees don’t have to. This means money will be verified, counted, and sorted quicker and more accurately so you can move your lines faster. The less time you spend on processing transactions, the more people you can move through the lines in the same amount of time.

    Being able to speed up your lines at the theatre concession and box office can have a significant impact on the customer experience, and in turn, on your bottom line. By integrating self-service kiosks, apps, and cash management solutions into your movie theatre, you’ll be able to improve customer satisfaction and improve your profits. Let technology work for you.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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