How to Protect Your Casino From Counterfeit Bills

    Feb 21 2018

    Topics: Counterfeit Detection, Canada, Casinos & Gambling

    You might be rooting for Danny Ocean and his team in the Ocean’s Eleven films, but in real life, you hope these people stay far away from your gaming center. It’s a fact that casinos tend to attract undue attention, precisely because they handle such large amounts of cash in short order.

    Sometimes, the patrons at your casino may also be unwitting victims of counterfeit schemes. They might bring fake bills to the casino, without realizing what they’re carrying isn’t the real deal.

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    These facts make it all the more important to take action and protect your casino. If you’re wondering where to start and how to incorporate fraud protection into your business, you can start with one of these two methods. Both of them will provide you with additional protection and peace of mind when it comes to fighting back against counterfeit.

    The Right Employee Training Goes a Long Way

    Your employees handle a lot of cash on a daily basis. They may handle thousands of bills in a single shift. There are often other distractions on the busy floor as well, which could create more opportunities for counterfeit to slip by undetected.

    Your employees must be attentive to every bill that passes through their hands. They’re your first line of defense against fraudulent bills.

    Of course, they can only see what they’re trained to see. That’s why it’s so important to train anyone who might handle cash, such as dealers, cashiers, and attendants to detect counterfeit.

    Be sure to discuss the different security features of bills and how to check for them. American and Canadian currency, for example, both use raised ink that can be felt with the fingernail. A real bill isn’t smooth to the touch, so your team should be able to feel the difference.

    Be sure to keep everyone up to date as well. Governments often introduce new series of bills with updated anti-counterfeiting measures. These new security features make the bills more difficult to replicate.

    Many organizations offer training programs to help you with this. In the US, the Federal Reserve offers training courses, which can help casino owners who accept more than one currency. For Canadian businesses, the Bank of Canada also offers training materials.

    Invest in Counterfeit Bill Detectors

    Another option you have to improve counterfeit detection is technology. Even when you train your team and they work diligently, they’re still only human beings. They’re prone to making errors, especially when they’re on the busy floor, being interrupted by patrons, or even just tired after a long day.

    A counterfeit detector can help you fill in any gaps left by your team’s inspections. A black light, for example, will make US bills glow different colors. Even older bills may have black light features. Old, paper Canadian bills, for example, have random patterns of spots that show up under black light.

    If you’re looking for a more integrated solution, then you might want to consider something like a coin and banknote recycler. These machines come with built-in counterfeit detection, which means they offer valuable assistance in identifying and rejecting inauthentic notes.

    They also have plenty of benefits on the floor, such as making it easier for your cashiers to create floats and make change. They also offer secure storage and automatic counting, which can save your team more time.

    If you’re already making use of some of these technologies, it may be time to upgrade. Every year, new models are advancing counterfeit detection. Changes are sometimes made in line with the security features of new bills. Staying up to date also helps you stay one step ahead.

    Either of these methods are a great first step for a casino manager looking to improve security in their business. With both in place, you’ll have even greater peace of mind.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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