Stop Sorting Money Manually. Do This Instead (Updated 2020)

    Apr 30 2020

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    There are many reasons business owners choose to sort money manually. In some cases, it’s just what they’ve always done. In other circumstances, they may believe sorting cash manually is the most cost-effective method. Automating such a simple task could seem like an extra expense.

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    There are plenty of better reasons you should consider switching to an automated solution. From more accuracy to lowering overhead, there are a few reasons you should stop sorting money manually.

    Sorting Cash by Hand Isn’t Efficient

    Despite what some business owners believe, sorting cash by hand simply isn’t efficient. For one, your employees could be taking care of other, more productive tasks while a machine handles the sorting of your $5s, $10s and $20s.

    Your employees are also more likely to make mistakes than the machine, leading to higher error rates and less accuracy. In turn, that means your team spends more time going back and sorting out errors. There’s even a higher risk associated with having your team handle your cash over and over again.

    In short, sorting hand by cash is time-intensive and tedious. Your team could spend their time in more productive ways, including increasing sanitation efforts.

    Adding Machine Power to the Team

    You have likely worked on streamlining your processes in handling cash manually already. Instead of relying on your team to organize your $5s, $10s, and $20s though, it’s time to invest in a cash sorter to handle sorting and counting for you. You just have to place batches of coins or bills into the machine, and the sorter will sort all the cash by denomination. It can also reject defective coins and roll or bag your coins. Other sorters can even bundle banknotes together.

    The Benefits of a Cash Sorter

    Many business owners tend to look at the upfront costs of cash-handling devices like cash sorters. The fact of the matter is that, like any device, a cash sorter is an investment in your business operations. If you adopt one, it can pay for itself in short order.

    One of the biggest benefits of a cash sorter is that it can help you reduce labour costs. When it takes employees around 20 minutes to count up each individual till at the end of the shift, your labour costs inevitably increase. With a machine on the team, you could reduce the time your team spends on this task, lowering the costs.

    That then can lead to more efficiency, especially since most sorters can sort thousands of bills or coins per minute. They’re much faster than any human could hope to be, which means this task is quickly and easily checked off the to-do list.

    The machine is also more accurate, which takes care of administrative errors. That frees up your team even more.

    Finally, the process is also cleaner. It’s easier to keep a machine clean, which can assist your team in their continued sanitization efforts.

    Stop Sorting Manually and Start Reaping the Rewards

    In today’s digital world, there’s just no reason to sort money manually. Today’s machines are faster, more reliable, and more accurate than ever before.

    Better yet, there are many different makes and models, so you can find something that will suit both your needs and your budget. Whether you handle just a few small cash transactions per day or you need something that can handle hundreds of thousands of dollars every shift, the right device is out there.

    Not sure where to start? Get in touch with the experts and let them help you make the leap from manual processes to a better way of managing your cash.

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