The Value in Moving Your Lines Faster: Theatre Concession & Box Office

    May 04 2016

    Topics: Movie Theatre

    Whether you’ve got a box-office hit or it’s just a regular Saturday night at your movie theatre, you know that it’s all hands on deck. You need your theatre concession lines and box office lines to move quickly. Even though you might have added self-checkout lines for greater speed and efficiency, you know that many people still prefer to purchase directly from an employee. When your lines are long and you have to process payments for tickets and snacks manually, moving your lines faster is critical but often difficult to do.

    Every second counts when it comes to transaction processing times. Using cash management solutions can help you with the issue of moving your lines faster. A cash recycler, for example, can accept, count, verify, sort, dispense, and reconcile money automatically, cutting your transaction time down from 45 seconds to 8 seconds. A counterfeit detection system can also speed up the process of checking for counterfeit bank notes, which is a real risk in the movie theatre business.

    Using cash management solutions can ensure that you’re moving your lines faster so you can reap these benefits.

    1. Improve Employee Morale

    Whenever a big movie comes out, movie theater employees dread working their shifts. They know they’ll have to be prepared for long lines and impatient crowds. When your employees are stressed on the job, morale can dip. And they could even think about searching for a lower stress job, increasing your turnover costs.

    But when you use cash management solutions for transactions, your employees will be moving your lines faster thanks to greater efficiency. Their responsibilities at the box office or concession stand will be a breeze, and they’ll be happier with their employment situation. And as you know, happy workers are productive workers.

    2. Increase Sales while Reducing Labour Costs

    When the line is long and a movie is about to start, customers will forgo their snacks so they don’t miss the beginning of the show. Faster moving lines equals more sales and happier customers. Not only will you see an increase in sales with a customer facing coin and note recycling solution, but you will be able to reduce your labour.

    On the busiest of days the average theatre has a two cast members per concession till. One takes the order and payment while the second gathers the order. When a cash management solution is implemented one cast member can now both take the order and gather the order.

    3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Your customers don’t want to wait in long lines. They’ve got a movie to catch and they don’t want to miss out on the previews, get a bad seat, or miss the start of the movie because you’re not processing transactions quickly enough to move the lines faster. If your customers have to deal with the consequences of your slow transaction times, they won’t be happy with your service. And they’ll remember it the next time they want to go see a movie or performance. They might end up choosing a different theatre due to their customer dissatisfaction.

    It’s imperative for your profitability that you commit to moving your lines faster. Implementing cash management solutions at your movie theatre can ensure that these problems don’t occur and don’t affect your valued customers. Both your customers and your reputation will benefit, and in turn, so will your bottom line. It’s a win-win.

    When you’re looking to speed up your transaction times in order to have your lines move more quickly, consider partnering with a cash management solutions provider that will be able to offer you a customized solution for your unique needs.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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