What to Do If You Received a Cease of Service Notice for Your Check Processing Equipment

    May 27 2019

    Topics: Remittance

    You might have heard that checks are on their way out. That’s likely the reason you were given when you received a notice that your check processing equipment isn’t going to be serviced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) any longer.

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    The statistics paint a different story. In the US, the 2017 Federal Reserve Payment study reports that people are still writing checks to the tune of nearly $29 billion dollars a year.

    If you received a cease of service notice, here’s what you can do.

    Who Needs Check Processing Equipment?

    If you remit payment or process items, you probably still process a large volume of checks. After all, governments are still issuing checks, and banks will still need to process them. Insurance companies often favour checks as well.

    If you’re in one of these industries, receiving a notice about the end of service for your check processing equipment is worrisome. Many manufacturers are discontinuing their equipment as well, which leaves you with fewer options for replacement.

    Furthermore, you already invested in the machines you have. They may have been new just a few years ago.

    You need to keep operations running smoothly even after your OEM’s end-of-support dates and well into the future. What can you do?

    Get Servicing from Another Cash Management Provider

    If you’re looking for support for NCR, Unisys, or Burroughs check sorting systems, you should look to other cash management providers for continuing service.

    The original equipment manufacturer isn’t the only company that can provide the right kind of service and support.

    Qwinstar, the largest service provider of check sorting systems in the US and Canada, will continue to support these systems.

    Qwinstar will send qualified service engineers to your site to diagnosis and correct issues with your equipment. These technicians are trained to analyze a variety of platforms, and the software they use is capable of assessing equipment from a number of OEMs.

    The technician team is also backed by the largest supply of parts, ink, and fluid. You don’t need to worry about not being able to get the right replacements.

    What this means is you can get your check sorter back in action sooner.

    Thinking Long Term

    If you received a notice about the end of service for your check sorters, you may be thinking about what you need to do in the short term. You should also give some thought to the long term.

    Many service providers, including Qwinstar, are independent of equipment manufacturers. Even if OEMs decide to get out of the market, these providers’ ability to deliver service will be unaffected.

    They’re also able to offer you fully refurbished systems and modules. This could help you protect your investment in check processing equipment long term. When you need to replace a machine, you won’t need to switch over your entire system.

    Protect Your Check Processing Capabilities

    Receiving a cease of service notice doesn’t need to be cause for concern when you have other options. Choose to service your check processing equipment with another provider and give yourself peace of mind.

    You’ll also get great service from trained technicians in 75 metropolitan locations across the US and Canada. See what a difference the right service provider can make for your business.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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