What to Look For When Buying a Bill Counting Machine

    Sep 29 2014

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    Bill counting machines are a great option for any business, large or small, looking for ways to streamline their cash handling process and save time and money. When buying a bill counting machine, there are several different features to keep any eye out for. Some machines offer more of these features than others, and their price will vary accordingly. The best machine for you will still be based upon your business' needs. The following features provide a good starting point for helping you decide between machines.

    Hopper Size

    Like any piece of equipment, your ideal bill counting machine should be user-friendly. Any employee who uses it should be able to operate it with minimal training, and their experience with the device should make their job easier, rather than more difficult. To this end, one of the most important features of a bill counting machine is its hopper. The size of a bill counting machine's hopper will determine how many bills the machine can process at a time. Obviously, a larger hopper will be able to process a higher volume of bills, however the right size for you depends on your needs. If you run a large operation with a high volume of cash, a machine with a smaller hopper can make the bill counting process more difficult and much slower.

    Hopper Type

    In addition to various sizes, bill counting machine hoppers also come in a few different types. The most common of which are front feed and back feed type hoppers. If you are looking for the most user-friendly type of hopper, front feed hoppers are typically easier and quicker to load, requiring less effort to properly align the bills than some back feed hoppers.

    Counting Speed

    One of the primary reasons for bill counting machines is quickly organize cash, saving you both time and resources. While all bill counting machines are much quicker than doing the same task by hand, not every machine operates at the same speed. Faster machines are typically more expensive, however they are almost a necessity for any business dealing in large amounts of cash.

    Error Checking

    Like speed and efficiency, accuracy is crucial for any bill counting machine. Errors are commonplace when hand counting bills. Reducing the frequency and severity of these errors is one of the main purposes for the use of these machines. Bill counting machines can have a wide range of error checking features including detecting feeding errors, miscounts, and even fraudulent bills.

    If you're ready to take your business to the next level, invest in a bill counting machine. Determine which machine is right for your business. Be sure to consider hopper size, hopper type, counting speed, and features. Increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy with a bill counting machine.

    Matt Lombardi

    Matt Lombardi

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