What’s Included in an All-in-One Bank Branch Service Solution?

    Aug 07 2019

    Bank branch managers are under plenty of pressure to make sure their branches perform. As a result, you’re probably scrutinizing every aspect of your operations looking for ways to streamline.

    You may have heard about an all-in-one bank branch service solution as one of your options. There are many benefits, but you want to know more. What exactly are you getting in an all-in-one service?

    All-in-One Bank Branch Service Starts with Hardware

    All-in-one bank branch service is an end-to-end solution, so the first advantage it offers you is hardware acquisition.

    Working with an all-in-one solution doesn’t mean your devices are all from one OEM. Instead, it means you work with a single provider to find the right devices for your bank branch. You can pick pin pads from one OEM and coin and banknote recyclers from another.

    Throughout the process, the provider will provide support for sourcing and purchasing. They’ll take your unique needs into account so you get the right equipment, no matter what your needs are.

    Safe Storage for Your Devices

    All-in-one solutions for your bank branch include storage and warehousing for your devices. Whether you have extra inventory you want to keep on hand for emergencies or you need to store some devices during a renovation, you can rest assured there’s space.

    The provider will also help you manage your device inventory by providing better visibility. It’s easier to reduce overheads when you can keep track of how many devices you have on hand versus how many you really need to have.

    This reduces the complexity and costs associated with management and fulfillment. Delivery is also managed for you.

    Implementation and Integration

    Whether you’re buying new devices that need to be integrated into your existing system or overhauling your operations, with the right provider, you can do both.

    The right provider will supply fully trained technicians who will help you set up your new devices. They’ll work to implement them in your branch or, if the devices are being added to an existing system, the technicians will work to ensure they integrate with your workflow.

    With the provider’s help, your machines will be set up and ready to work in the most efficient manner. You can focus less on the devices and more on delivering great customer service.

    Diagnostics and Maintenance

    The peripherals used in bank branches help your team members do their jobs more effectively and deliver better customer service. Peripherals also come with risks, such as potential downtime and malfunctions.

    An all-in-one bank branch service has you covered here too. The provider’s technician team can help you diagnose any issues your devices may have. They could also help you troubleshoot common issues.

    Preventive maintenance is key to a device’s longevity, and the same fully trained technician team is ready to assist you there. An all-in-one bank branch service solution comes with a maintenance plan designed to keep your devices working longer.

    If a device does break down, you don’t need to worry. Your solution provider will be on the scene, ready to repair the machine. Some providers even have their own warehouses of parts, which can mean less downtime and fewer devices that need to be shipped elsewhere for repair.

    Better Reporting

    As an added bonus to all of these services, your solution provider will also be able to give you reports and updates. Measurable data is key to enhancing business performance. It’s easier for your provider to gather the information you need to power your business decisions.

    Discover the Benefits of an All-in-One Solution

    As you can see, an all-in-one solution offers your bank branch so much more than a way to streamline communication and repair.

    If you’re ready to discover all the benefits of an all-in-one-provider, get in touch with the experts today.

    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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