Why Casinos Should Implement Full Cash Room Automation

    Jul 25 2016

    Topics: Casino, Cash Room Automation

    Cash handling at the casino can be time consuming, risky, and inefficient. It can also be prone to error and lead to considerable losses. With so much money flowing through the doors on a daily basis, and with cash being handled by dozens of employees and at multiple points of sale, there’s no doubt that casinos can benefit from full cash room automation.

    Gambling establishments that have eliminated manual cash handling activities and implemented cash room automation have successfully improved their cash management process. You, too, can benefit from the advantages detailed below.

    Total Efficiency

    A cash room with limited, outdated, or disjointed technologies that still relies heavily on manual labour for cash handling activities isn’t efficient. Time is wasted. Accuracy is low. Productivity is reduced.

    With full cash room automation, though, the cash handling process can be more seamless than you could ever imagine. Using a cash management solution that offers fluidity, continuity, and flexibility allows for all components to work in harmony for maximum efficiency. Processing will be faster and easier, accuracy will increase, and productivity will increase with such an intelligent and reliable solution.

    Cost Savings

    Long-term cost savings year over year are guaranteed with full cash room automation. When previously manual processes are automated, casinos can cut their labour costs in half and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in workforce expenses. A previously labor-intensive process suddenly requires limited personnel. No one needs to create floats, count floats, or reconcile profits.

    Fewer Losses

    Automation offers 99.9% accuracy. The machines will count, sort, and balance all cash without error, leading to significantly fewer losses caused by human error.

    In addition, the increased accountability you’ll gain from being able to track all cash management activities handled by employees will also ensure that employee theft—which currently makes up approximately 50% of all casino losses—is also eliminated. Employees will be required to key in their unique ID & PIN to access cash, which will leave an audit trail in their names. Unusual activities can be spotted immediately.

    Employees will no longer have opportunities to steal through this hands-off cash management approach.

    Reducing Risks

    Cash management solutions, including smart safes and currency recyclers, are equipped with state-of-the-art counterfeit detection technology to verify all incoming bank notes for authenticity. Being able to quickly and accurately detect counterfeit at the point of sale will assure that you can reduce your risk of accepting fraudulent bank notes.

    Increased Productivity

    Employees will also become more productive when you automate your cash room. They will no longer have to engage in tedious cash drops or change pick-ups with a manager—they will be able to do so directly at the machines without supervision. This will save time and improve productivity for both employees and managers. There will also be no need for cash room attendants, who you can redeploy to more important revenue-generating roles.

    Data Intelligence

    When all cash handling activities are automated, casino executives can benefit from data intelligence. Every dollar and every activity is tracked and recorded, which makes reporting simple and easy. At the click of a button, casinos can view net sales per employee, values deposited, values dispensed, and more.

    When you invest in full cash room automation, your casino will benefit from increased efficiency, reduced costs, fewer losses, reduced risks, increased productivity, and access to valuable data, resulting in a solid ROI.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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