Why Is Regular Maintenance Important for Commercial Coin Counting Machines?

    Nov 15 2017

    Topics: Cash Handling

    If your business handles money on a daily basis, your entire staff likely knows just how dirty both coins and bills can get. But have you ever considered what that grime is doing to your commercial coin counting machines? Unfortunately, it doesn't just disappear when money enters your money counter machines and note recyclers. 

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    While there's no such thing as clean money, there is such a thing as clean commercial coin counting machines. Here's why performing regular cleaning and maintenance duties is so important. 

    Money Grime

    As previously mentioned, money is dirty. There's no way around it; money changes hands every day and accumulates dirt, dust, and bacteria as a result. Unfortunately, electric cash counters don't make that dirt go away, even if they allow businesses to maintain 100% accuracy for cash transactions.

    In fact, sorting all of those coins and bank notes can actually make dirt and dust build up inside of a coin counter until it gets so clogged that it can't function properly. And you should never let your machine go without a cleaning for long enough that it gets clogged up by dirt and grime from the coins it's counting! 

    Prolonged Lifespan

    As with any piece of machinery, whether it's used in an office or on a construction site, regular cleaning and maintenance helps prolong its life. Even a machine as simple as a coin counter needs a good cleaning every once in a while! Not only will it allow you to get dirt and dust out, it could allow you to spot any other issues and fix them before they become bigger problems in the future. 

    Foreign Objects

    Try as you may, there's no way to fully prevent a foreign object from getting stuck in your coin counting machines. Paper clips, buttons, you name it and it can probably get stuck and cause an issue. Even if it doesn't cause an issue, it's important to check for those things periodically in the event that they cause issues in the future. 

    Cleaning commercial coin counting machines may not be the most fun, but it's an important part of ensuring your business stays clean, efficient, and functional. Don't let these issues become any bigger than they need to be. 


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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