Why Your Business May Need a Vacuum Note Counter

    Jul 17 2015

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    As a business owner, you want to ensure top efficiency in all facets of your operations. Higher productivity and lower costs equate higher profits for you. When it comes to cash handling, there are probably some areas that could benefit from improvement. Specifically, your counting process might be in need of an upgrade. Thanks to technology, this is an easy fix. Just invest in a vacuum note counter!

    Here are some of the reasons why your business might need a vacuum note counter for your back room.

    Save on Cash Handling Costs

    If you’re still manually counting, double counting, and reporting your cash totals, you’re spending too much time and effort on an administrative task that can be virtually eliminated thanks to technology. Every minute and every hour that is spent on manually counting cash adds up, and at the end of the day, you could be spending a ton of money in labour and operational costs. And these costs are unnecessary. With a vacuum note counter, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with cash counting.

    Count Strapped Bills

    With typical currency counters, you’re required to remove the strapping bands that hold your bills together since they are only designed to count loose bills. And when you have a lot of bundles, removing every single band can be a real pain. However, thanks to the vacuum spindle principle, a vacuum note counter can count your strapped bundles of cash quickly and effortlessly.

    Save Time

    How many bills can your employees count per minute—100…200? The vacuum note counter can count 1000, 1500, 2000, or even 2400 bills per minute! When a machine can do the work of a person several times faster, there’s simply no doubt that you’re going to save considerable amounts of time, which means your productivity will skyrocket. You and your staff members will have more time to perform core business activities when you let the machine perform the administrative work instead.

    Poor Quality Notes

    The vacuum note counter is the ideal solution if a lot of the bills coming through your business are poor quality. When the device is set at the lowest speed selection, it can handle counting poor-quality bank notes. Plus, you can locate the best counting position, which minimizes miscounting of bills that have folded corners or pinholes.

    Reduce the Risk of Internal Theft

    Unfortunately, not all employees can be trusted. Given the opportunity, dishonest staff members will steal from your business. When you allow your employees to count your cash manually, alone in your back room, you’re giving them that chance to slip a few bills in their pockets. Internal theft can be curbed with a vacuum counter because you eliminate situations where your employees can purposely miscount and incorrectly, report totals of your cash in order to help themselves to a few bills.

    Increased Accuracy

    Human error is common when your business counts cash manually. The same bill can be counted twice, others can be skipped, and totals can be written down incorrectly— the list goes on. But when you invest in a vacuum note counter, you’re investing in guaranteed accuracy. These devices are reliable so you can have peace of mind knowing your counts are always correct. You won’t have to spend time fixing errors or risk facing losses from counting errors anymore.

    Improve Your Back Office Efficiency Today

    Investing in a vacuum counter can significantly improve the work efficiency of your back office. Your cash will be counted faster, more cost effectively, and more accurately, which means you’ll save time and money. And best of all, you’ll have the added convenience of not having to unstrap all of your bundles of cash. If you hope to achieve back office efficiency, then a vacuum counter is your solution.

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