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Armor 7100 Series Smart Safe


Armor 7100 Series Smart Safe

The Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM® 7000 series provides the ultimate level of cash control by limiting cash exposure and providing seamless accounting between the POS and your bank. It offers the combined benefits of cash-counting and bill validation with change-fund management and an audit trail of all transactions.

The CacheSYSTEM® 7100 is a full-featured cash management tool that may be configured with one or two bill validators. Deposit cassettes and change funds are accessed through a single door in the main compartment, which has additional storage space for cassettes, lottery tickets, or other valuables.

Collect and secure cash; count and validate funds; dispense change; and audit and report activity. 

Can be configured to communicate with CashTechIQ software. 



23 3/4” (604mm)


23” (585mm)


31” (788mm)


approx. 475 lbs. (215.5kg)

Power supply

Auto ranging for international or domestic use


  • ½-inch steel plate self-locking vault door with adjustable hinges
  • Three 1-inch chrome-plated locking bolts protected by a drill-resistant hard plate and a spring-loaded re-locker
  • Interlocking back flange to prevent hinge attack
  • Four floor holes for bolt down
  • Interior locking compartment (11” W x 13” D x 9¼” H)

Equipped with

  • Drop drawer (5½” W x 9” D x 1” H)
  • 96- or 120-tube vending capacity
  • User-friendly, liquid-resistant keypad
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