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Omation 306 Envelopener

The Omation 306 Letter Opener is a high-performance commercial envelope opener with the ability to operate at a rated speed of up to 40,000 envelopes per hour. This automatic letter opener machine has an improved milling cutter with 8 cut-depth positions that removes chips as small as 0.01” from the envelope edge to produce a soft, feathered edge while protecting the envelope’s contents. The Omation 306 is also equipped with a new and robust operator control software interface, so job setup can be done with ease and flexibility. With this envelope opener, you can easily open regular, oversized, overnight, and thick envelopes.

This high-speed, high-performance Omation letter opener is also available with enhanced sorting capabilities. Envelopes can be output to two locations based on programmable criteria such as letter thickness, length, and height. Optional batching capabilities allow items to be grouped together in pre-selected lot sizes.



Up to 40,000 / hour

Mail type

Regular, oversized, overnight and thick envelopes

Cutting type

Milling technology (removes tiny chips)

Cut depth

From 0.31 cm from envelope edge up to 0.32 cm in depth


L 121 cm x D 53 cm x H 147 cm




Dater/Printer – prints date or custom data

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