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    M500 Series Cheque Encoder

    Rely on the high performance MICR M500 series encoders for accurate and fast encoding and endorsing. With optional modular add-ons, the M500 series offers the ultimate in flexibility.

    Quiet, compact, and low maintenance, even when processing high volumes, the M500 series can be configured to auto-feed cheques, encode, endorse, and scan. It can also list update totals in a single pass.

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    Dimensions: Encoder – L 39.6 cm x W 26.4 cm x H 13.2 cm Detached encoder – L 28.6 cm x W 26.4 cm x H 13.2 cm Detached keyboard – L 13.2 cm x W 18.7 cm x H 3.74 cm
    Display: 20 character, 2-line alphanumeric, dot matrix, backlit LCD display
    Ribbon: Average yield of 100,000 characters
    Transport speed: 3,400 dph Keyboard:/39 keys, with up to 45 programmable function keys
    Printer: 24 column, dot matrix
    Standard interface port: RS232
    Options: Inkjet programmable endorser - available on the M570EN model Autofeed module - available on the M580EN model

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