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    Omation Quiet Jogger

    The Omation Quiet Jogger adds value to mailrooms, offices, remittance processing and printing operations, by properly aligning mail, cheques and documents of various sizes helping to prevent jams.

    Designed for multi-function versatility, the Omation Quiet Jogger is durable and easy to use. One of its best features is that it dampens noise while it jogs, making it a quiet and productive addition to any mailroom or office environment.

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    Pockets: 2, 4, 6, or 8 pocket decks; 8” x 11” single or double decks
    Dimensions: L 52.5 cm x D 37 cm x H 47 cm
    Weight: 100 lbs
    Options: Long Neck Extension
    2 Pocket Deck
    4 Pocket Deck
    6 Pocket Deck
    81/2"x 11" Deck   

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