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    Digital Check TellerScan® TS240 Cheque Scanner

    The TellerScan® TS240 is Digital cheque's flagship batch-fed cheque scanner for teller capture and branch capture systems. With a 100-item feeder and speeds of up to 100 documents per minute, it's powerful enough to handle high-volume scanning at the branch back counter while maintaining a small enough footprint for use at the teller window. As well as teller capture and branch capture applications, the TS240 is also widely used by businesses for large-scale remote deposit capture operations.

    In addition to standard cheque and document scanning capabilities, the TellerScan TS240 comes in a variety of specialized models for your bank's specific needs:

    TellerScan TS240/TTP: The first teller capture cheque scanner with a built-in thermal teller transaction printer — a single device to handle both teller capture and customer receipt printing.

    TellerScan TS240-UV: Uses an ultraviolet camera to scan cheques with UV security features in either a teller capture or RDC environment. Enhanced processing power helps the TS240 scan in both UV and visible light simultaneously without sacrificing speed.

    TellerScan TS240-150: The newest member of the TellerScan series, scanning at 150 documents per minute (DPM).

    Digital cheque's :Special Document Handling, available with all TS240 models, intelligently adjusts contrast and sensitivity for difficult-to-read documents, reducing the number of errors for teller capture and branch capture operations.

    TellerScan TS240-IJ: Incorporates our most popular add-on, an InkJet endorser, to print up to four lines on the rear of a document.


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    TellerScan TS240 Features

    • Available in speeds of 50, 75, or 100 DPM
    • Up to 100-item feeder and exit pocket capacity
    • Special Document Handling to clean up difficult images
    • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Compatible with Mac OS X and some Linux distributions
    • Built-in diagnostics
    • Compatible with Digital cheque Advisor Remote Monitoring and Management Service
    • Either single-line or up to four-line endorsement available
    • Available franking option
    • Available with ENERGY STAR power management


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