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    Tidel TR53 Banknote + Coin Recycler


    Tidel TR53 Banknote & Coin Recycler

    The TR53 banknote and coin recycler is uniquely designed to operate at point-of-sale, self-checkout stations, or in back office environments, enabling a retail store to easily optimize the intersect points where cash automation is needed the most

    This combined machine is adaptable to just about any environment requiring automated recycling of cash and coin.

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    Recycle Denominations: 6 (All US Currency Denominations)
    Recycle Capacity Total 1,200 notes
    Configuration options:
    1. Single (300 note ) recycle storage mechanism × 3 + dual recycle storage mechanism (100 notes+200 notes) × 1
    2. Single(300 note) recycle storage mechanism × 2 + dual recycle storage mechanism (100 notes+200 notes) × 2
    3. Single (300 note) recycle storage mechanism × 4
    Deposit Capacity: 2,000 notes
    Total Capacity: 3,200 Notes
    Deposit Speed: 5 notes/second
    Dispense Speed: 4 notes/second
    Weight: 761 lbs. (345kg)

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