Bank CFOs and COOs should embrace opportunities to reduce costs and enhance the customer experience. All-branch service is the better bank service solution that offers best-in-class service delivery for all your bank peripheral needs.

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    Learn how our PRECISION methodology helps our retail clients decrease cash handling costs and optimize cash flow.


    Have you ever stopped to determine the cost of handling cash?

    Take a few minutes to find out using this free Cost of Cash Calculator.

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    Services You Should Expect From Your Cash Management Solutions Provider

    Take control of your cash management process and make some guided, well-informed decisions that will help increase your bottom line.

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    Case Study

    How We Helped a Casino Remove Cash Management Costs through Automation

    Download this case study to learn how we helped a casino remove costs associated with managing cash through automation.

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    A CFO's Guide: How Cash Handling Is Affecting Your Bottom Line

    Read this white paper to learn more about the cost of cash handling and find out how your business can benefit from cash management solutions.

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    CashTech Complete Cash Management Package


    Choose from a variety of smart safe and cash recycler hardware options.


    Track, manage, and understand your cash with cash management software.

    Service Support & Training

    End-to-end service support, installation, training, and maintenance ensures your technology runs efficiently.

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    Sophisticated Solutions

    Cash still accounts for over 50% of all purchases, according to a Bank of Canada survey. Discover how we bring together a broad range of cash counting, cash recycling, and cheque scanning equipment from global manufacturers like G&D, Magner, Digital Check, and Panini, and use our 40 years of cash management experience to help you make the right choice to achieve your business goals.

    Cash Solutions

    Cash Solutions

    We offer the broadest array of commercial cash counting, sorting, and recycling equipment, including G&D and Magner, and to ensure you get the right product for your needs.

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    Coin Solutions

    Quick and accurate counting, sorting, and wrapping of coins is an essential part of your cash management process. Let us help you eliminate costly errors and save time.

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    Cheque Scanner

    Cheque Solutions

    We carry bank authorized and approved cheque scanning equipment by Digital Check, Panini, and Canon so you can conveniently get cheques deposited quickly and reduce the time and labour associated with frequent trips to the bank.

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    Cash Automation Solutions

    Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your cash management process. Automate your cash drawer preparation, bank deposits management processes, and achieve the greatest return on investment by reducing labour, streamlining cash room procedures, and increasing cash flow.

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    Banks & Credit Unions

    Banks & Credit Unions

    We are proud to service all of the "Big Five" banks in Canada, as well as prominent banks across the US. Banks and credit unions have realized the importance of cutting the costs of handling cash and cheques, streamlining operations, and enhancing the client experience.

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    Casinos & Gaming

    Casinos & Gaming

    We offer a wide range of cash management solutions that quickly and accurately count, sort, and authenticate banknotes and TITO tickets and help reconcile the day’s sales for casinos and gaming operations. We have successfully helped casinos significantly reduce costs in managing cash operations in the front of house and their soft count rooms. We are proud to work with many of the largest casinos in North America.

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    Armoured Transport

    Armoured Transport

    We offer a wide range of equipment that safely and securely count, process, and deposit notes and coins for retailers of all sizes. Your business can reduce the time and effort it takes for employees and managers to manage cash counting, sorting, and reconciliation and increase your cash flow.

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    We offer a wide range of equipment that securely counts, processes, and deposits notes and coins for retailers of all sizes. Your business can reduce the time and effort it takes for employees and managers to manage cash counting, sorting, and reconciliation and increase your cash flow.

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    We work with large entertainment facilities, cinemas, amusement parks, and zoos to accurately count, sort, and safeguard their cash and coin revenues. The cost-effective solutions we offer improve operational efficiencies and streamline business operations with best-in-class ROI strategies.

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    Services We Provide

    Lifecycle Management

    When it comes to product lifecycle management, it’s about more than just acquisition and deployment. We help every step of the way.

    Asset Management

    Your assets are the lifeline to your business operations. We can help track these assets from deployment through to end of life, ensuring real-time reporting and on-demand views of install base and portfolio reviews.

    Project Management

    We provide sourcing, purchasing, deployment, installation/implementation, and equipment recycling services. This is ideal for customers who are implementing multi-location projects and require assistance with coordinating equipment delivery, installation, and training.

    Extensive Reporting Capabilities

    Excellent reporting is based on excellent data. CashTech has implemented processes and systems to ensure excellent data. Our incident management system operates in real time and can support real-time reporting and event management.

    Support & Maintenance

    Servicing and repairing equipment is a core competency of CashTech. We provide both depot and onsite break-fix and swap service with a reputation to always meet service level agreements while ensuring the continuous satisfaction of our customers.


    Deployment Services

    CashTech can receive and store client inventory in our warehouse for immediate or future deployment. We can receive units and begin the process to asset tag and perform quality assurance testing on each unit. We can ship to client’s end-user locations in Canada and the US.

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    "The CashTech solution has exceeded our expectations. The solution is easy to use and employees adapted quickly to the new technology. Most importantly, CashTech delivered on the savings. We reduced labour across our estate and eliminated four full-time employees. The results speak for themselves and we couldn't be happier."

    - Greg Chamberlain, Manager of Cashiering and Casino Credit, Caesars Windsor

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