3 Benefits of Using Bank Note Sorters

    Feb 17 2017

    Topics: Cash Management

    Handling large volumes of cash every day can be a logistical challenge for many businesses. Not only does the cash need to be stored properly, but it also needs to be processed efficiently and with complete accuracy. In industries like banks, casinos, and cash-in-transit services, manual cash handling is not able to keep up with the demands of continuous cash management. Banknote sorters are designed to alleviate the counting and sorting problems for businesses that handle large volumes of cash. They boost the efficiency and accuracy of your business.


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    While it may seem daunting to make an investment in automated cash management technology, your business will thank you. If you’re unsure of where to start, we’ve outlined some tips for making the right purchase for you and some of the benefits your business will experience once you’ve invested in a bank note sorter.

    Things to Consider

    Bank note sorters are an excellent addition to the cash management process for businesses that process large amounts of cash. Not all sorters have the same features and specifications. To make the right choice for your business, consider the following before making your investment:

    • The volume of cash that you process each day. Bank note sorters are typically designed to handle large volumes of cash in a given day.
    • The types of currency that your business accepts. Sorters are compatible with different types of currency. Make sure that the one you choose is able to process the types of currency your business accepts.
    • Consider any other features that your business may need. For example, sorters may be equipped with counterfeit detection technology to boost your security. It’s important to make sure that any technology you invest in is the best fit for your business.

    The purpose of investing in a bank note sorter is to help your business operations. Do your research before you make a purchase to be sure that you’re getting the right product for your needs. Once you have made the investment, here are three benefits you’ll enjoy:

    1. Cash Recycling

    For businesses that need to process large volumes of cash in a timely manner, having the appropriate technology is key. Cash recycling is one way to maintain proper cash flow throughout your business. Bank note sorters sort and organize your cash so that it’s easily available to be recirculated through your business. They work to maintain the efficiency of your cash flow by taking over the time-consuming process of counting and sorting cash. As a result, your business will experience a better flow of cash and reduce the amount of labour needed to complete the cash management process.

    2. Improved Efficiency

    One of the most noticeable benefits of bank note sorters is the improvement in efficiency for your business. You will notice this change right away as technology takes over the counting and sorting of all of the cash your business accepts. Improving the efficiency of your cash management frees up time for your staff to focus their attention on providing better customer service and driving sales. Efficient cash management creates rooms for growth in your business as it allows your staff the chance to shift their focus to development.

    3. Reduced Processing Costs

    Introducing technology into your business will reduce costs across the board. Bank note sorters reduce cash processing costs by making it easier for cash to be recycled through your business. You will no longer need to make frequent deposits and with less cash being held on-site, your security will be improved. For businesses that process large volumes of cash, bank note sorters provide a solution with undeniable benefits.

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