5 Key Advantages Banknote Sorters Offer

Jan 08 2018

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If you’re not sure what exactly a banknote sorter does, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Banknote sorters are machines that sort and count bills—among some other features. Businesses look for sorters with a variety of tools that fit their needs and make it easy to manage cash. 

Many businesses, such as banking institutions and casinos, find them advantageous. Here are five ways banknote sorters can help your business.

1. Improved Speed and Efficiency

As banknotes sorters all vary in hopper size, you can find one that’s the right size given the amount of cash you expect it to handle. 

Different speed variabilities make it easy to handle and organize your cash, whatever your volume needs. The machine sorts and counts notes in what feels like no time at all. It can also be set to pause after a certain number of bills are sorted, which is useful for bundling a deposit. 

Sorting is a time-consuming process—even more so when there’s a lot of cash to go through. A banknote sorter handles that for you. Efficiency here allows more time to spend improving other aspects of your business.

2. Security Where You Need It

Mistakenly accepting counterfeit bills in a business is a very real fear, in addition to being a nuisance to deal with. Many sorters are equipped with counterfeit detection. They will pause upon scanning a fake bill, which appears on the machine’s small screen. This security reduces the stress placed on staff and cash managers manually managing counterfeit prevention and attempting to determine the authenticity of bills.

Spend less time checking bills and reduce human error—let a programmed machine handle it for you. Its counterfeit detection feature deals with the problem now instead of you finding out later. Investing in this technology can enhance security.

3. Proven Accuracy

Accuracy is key for correct counts. When sorting and counting cash, it’s best to do so uninterrupted or you could find yourself restarting and losing count of the number of bills in the stack.

A sorter provides the accuracy and correct count you need every time. The sorter displays the total value of banknotes and how much of each denomination is counted—even dividing it by currency, if necessary—for exact results

4. It Can Take on Different Currencies

Whether your business handles five currencies or one, a banknote sorter has the ability to handle any money put into it. Many are programmable to include different types of currencies, which has you covered, providing for accurate and reliable counting for any type of bill your business handles. Look for banknote sorters that can tell currencies apart. This way, it can sort through a disorganized pile and still provide individual total bill quantities.

If your business only handles Canadian cash, that’s fine, but if you’re dealing with American bills, Euro banknotes, and more, you want a sorter with the function to manage them all.

5. Overall Time Savings

With the tedious task handled, you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Alternatively, you can send employees home earlier, helping you save on labour costs.

Banknote sorters have the ability to finish the mundane tasks quicker. Being able to count and sort cash efficiently, accurately, and securely makes this tool worth the investment.

Cash sorters are the future of cash management. Handle any volume of cash with error-free counting and sorting to reduce how much effort and time staff need to dedicate to it.

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Andrea Lombardi

Andrea Lombardi

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