5 Key Benefits of a Cash Recycler

    May 17 2017

    Topics: Cash Handling Mistakes

    When your business handles a lot of cash each and every day, you are no stranger to the importance of proper cash management. For businesses like banks, cash-in-transit services, and casinos, efficiency and accuracy are the foundations of maintaining an effective cash management process.

    Completing all of the cash handling tasks by hand is—fortunately enough—a challenge that businesses no longer have to worry about. Automated cash management technology exists to take on the tasks of cash handling, giving your business the ability to maximize its profitability.

    Adopting a cash recycler into your cash management routine is a great way for your business to keep up with the demands of your cash handling. Cash recyclers are all-in-one machines that take on the tasks of cash handling from start to finish. They can complete transactions, accept and dispense floats, identify counterfeit currency, and also complete the cash processing tasks of counting, sorting, and balancing.

    Investing in a recycler relieves you of many of the efficiency issues that are typically faced in industries where cash is king. Here are the five key benefits of a cash recycler and why making the investment is a great opportunity for your company.

    1. Efficiency

    Inefficiency is a struggle that many businesses face when it comes to cash management. While cash makes its way through the stages of the cash handling process, it’s a balancing act to maintain accuracy and security while not sacrificing efficiency.

    Automation will allow you to easily stay on top of your cash management and make changes that will boost your efficiency. Making use of a cash recycler will allow you to quickly and accurately complete your entire cash management process in a fraction of the time that manual cash handling takes.

    2. Improved Accuracy

    Manual cash handling naturally comes with a certain number of errors; Mistakes can happen during the point-of-sale or in the cash room when counting and processing tills. While it’s impossible to eliminate human error from manual cash handling, making use of automated cash management technology gives your business the chance to reduce errors by nearly 100%.

    Automation allows your cash management to continue without any hiccups and allows you to avoid paying for costly mistakes.

    3. Reduced Labour Costs

    Labour costs in retail are extremely expensive but necessary to provide a high standard of customer service. Making use of automation in your cash management process allows you to refocus your staff on tasks that will boost the profitability of your business. 

    A cash recycler can take on the cash management tasks while your employees are driving sales, providing excellent service, and developing your business.

    4. Protection from Theft and Fraud

    Retail theft and fraud are two unfortunate issues that nearly all retailers come into contact with on a regular basis—thus theft and counterfeit fraud are more important than you might think. It’s critical to protect your money from internal and external theft and fraud.

    Monitoring the amount of cash that your business has on hand and ensuring that your cash is securely stored are two tricks that can prevent internal and external theft. If counterfeit currency presents a big problem in your business, use recyclers, which are equipped to reject counterfeit currency.

    5. Increased Security

    One of the major benefits of automation is the security it offers. Cash recyclers store your cash safely in a machine; this cash can only be accessed by using a PIN. In turn, any transactions that occur using the recycler are tracked so that management staff can monitor each one.

    Recyclers offer businesses a complete solution to handle cash management in high cash volume settings so that you can maximize the potential of accepting cash in your business.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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