Can Cash Automation Increase Labour Efficiencies in a Casino?

    May 01 2019

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    Cash is a staple of the gaming industry. Managing cash, though, can be a time- and labour-intensive task for casino staff. That’s why casino managers are wondering how to improve the process.

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    Casinos are facing rising wages, which makes finding efficiencies all the more important. Cash automation is one avenue casino managers are exploring.

    You may see some of the benefits of cash automation in your casino, but can it improve labour efficiencies? Yes, there are several ways automation can improve the efficiency of your labour force.

    Starting the Day with Cash Automation

    Setting up cash before opening is just one of the many cash management tasks for a casino. It can be quite time intensive to set up floats and to verify how much cash is on hand at the beginning of the day.

    Using an automated solution like a coin and bank note recycler can cut down on the amount of time your staff members spend on these preparation activities. The recycler counts, stores, and dispenses cash, keeping a record of all transactions. You can prepare floats efficiently with the help of the machine.

    Reducing Repetitive Tasks during the Day

    The coin and bank note recycler can also help your employees manage many of the cash handling tasks they face during operating hours. Employees may need to break bills and acquire more coins frequently throughout the day. The cash recycler can streamline these tasks. The money going into the machine is dispensed for future transactions.

    It can help reduce the number of times you need to go to the bank to make deposits. Since the recycler securely stores cash, you may not need to remove cash as frequently. It can be useful when you need to prepare deposits quickly. Your employees can spend more time on the floor than on bank runs.

    Complete End-of-Day Activities Faster

    Finally, the coin and bank note recycler can also help you count, verify, and return floats. When employees return floats at the end of their shift or you close for the day, the work of counting and verifying cash is simpler with cash automation.

    Using a recycler reduces the margin of error as well. In turn, you don’t need to spend as much time finding and correcting errors. Counting and recounting becomes a streamlined process.

    Saving Time

    The most obvious benefit of investing in a coin and bank note recycler is a reduction in the amount of time your staff spends on cash handling and cash management tasks. Casinos spend multiple hours per day on cash management activities.

    Making frequent bank deposits is also time consuming, even though it’s imperative for security. Errors in counting can eat up even more of your employees’ valuable time.

    All of this adds to the cost of handling cash, and it raises labour costs associated with cash. By adopting a recycler, you can reduce time spent on these activities.

    With these tasks being completed in a more efficient manner, your employees’ time is freed up. Labour costs decrease when you reduce time spent on handling cash.

    Finding Time for Other Tasks

    If your employees are constantly complaining that they don’t have enough time or jobs are being neglected, a coin and bank note recycler could be the solution. By reducing the amount of time your team spends on cash management, you can free up their time for those other jobs.

    This improves labour efficiency in another way, since it boosts productivity.

    If you’re wondering what cash management technology can do for your business, get in touch with the experts today. A cash management solutions provider can help you determine the benefits of cash management technology for your business.

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