How Can Smart Safes Benefit Quick Serve Restaurants?

    May 12 2016

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    The traditional floor safe has evolved. Now, quick serve restaurants can enjoy the benefits of a high-tech, intelligence safe that actually plays an active part in cash management. Smart safes use a bill validator, user interface, and controller, among other features, to accept cash, validate it for authenticity, track and record it for better data intelligence, and store it for added security.

    Quick serve restaurants that deploy smart safes benefit from these tangible advantages.

    Security for Your Cash and Employees

    Quick serve restaurants are at an increased risk of violence, robbery, counterfeit, and theft. Smart safes can secure the store’s cash deposits in cassettes in a vault that cannot be accessed by anyone in the restaurant, only by your cash-in-transit service provider. They’re also equipped with a steel chest, an advanced locking system, , and anti-lock drilling features. Plus, they can be remotely monitored, so you can check on your inventory position at all times, from anywhere. These security measures are effective for deterring robbery while also keeping your employees secure. It’s up to you to create a safe working environment. Your employees want to work in a safe environment, and increasing security through cash management technology can help you increase employee morale, satisfaction, and retention.

    A smart safe also increases accountability ten-fold. Instead of having employees handling cash unattended, smart safes force employees to punch in a username and password to engage the device while an electronic journal records their activities. Internal theft is a common challenge in quick serve restaurants, and smart safes can reduce your risk.

    Furthermore, counterfeit detection should be a priority at your restaurant. The smart safe’s bill validator uses many different types of counterfeit detection technologies to validate bank note authenticity, including infrared, watermark, and UV technology. Use your smart safe near the register and ensure that you never become a victim of counterfeit fraud again.

    Increase Efficiency

    Smart safes let employees at quick serve restaurants enjoy faster cash reconciliation, which can make them more efficient. By automating the management of cash, all transactions can be recorded, accounted for, and stored. Because all of these time-consuming tasks are handled automatically, reconciling till balances at the end of the shift becomes exponentially faster, so employees can wrap up their day more efficiently.

    Higher Productivity

    When quick service restaurants invest in smart safes, they benefit from higher productivity. The smart safe takes the worry away from manual cash handling. Employees know that a proven system can handle their cash in an automated and secure fashion. With the burden of counting, sorting, storing, and reconciling cash removed, they can focus on more important responsibilities at your restaurant, like helping your customers.

    Access to Intelligence

    Imagine knowing exactly how much cash you have on hand, whenever you need to know. Imagine being able to break down your transactions by shift or employee. Imagine having all of the intelligent data you would ever need about your cash management process, all at your fingertips. With a smart safe, you can gain easy access to all of this important data. You’ll be able to make more informed decisions based on facts, whether it’s for staff scheduling, cash training, or cash inventory. Being able to leverage this cash data can greatly help you improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your business.


    Effective cash management has many moving parts. Not only must you handle cash directly at your quick serve restaurant, but you must also send cash information to your head office, to your armoured car service, and to your bank. Many of your departments, like finance, loss prevention, and treasury also need access to your cash data. With smart safes, you can close the cash management loop and make your process as streamlined as possible for all players involved.

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