How to Clean a Coin Counting Machine (Updated 2020)

    May 26 2020

    Topics: Cleaning Accessories

    Banks, retail stores, casinos, and many other businesses use coin counters. These handy devices help you maximize counting accuracy and efficiency. They also help with lowering labor costs, reducing losses, limiting errors, minimizing time spent, and improving productivity.

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    Given all that, it’s little wonder so many companies have one of these beneficial devices as part of their cash handling system.

    Like all devices, though, a coin counting machine only works properly if it’s maintained well. That includes making sure it’s cleaned on a regular basis. Anyone that has manually counted coins knows just how much dirt can be transferred from them.

    While the coin counter may keep your employees’ hands clean, that same dirt and debris could get into the machine itself. This, along with dust and other contaminants, can affect the machine’s accuracy and efficiency.

    Cleaning helps you get the most out of your coin counter, its lifespan, and your investment.

    Wondering how to clean your machine the right way? This guide will walk you through the steps.


    To reduce the service calls and downtime you’ll need to deal with when your machine starts malfunctioning, it’s best to be proactive about properly maintaining it.

    That means ensuring the machine stays as clean as possible. This starts when you dump coins into the machine for counting. Make sure you’re not dropping in any lint, staples, rubber bands, or other objects in along with them. These items can cause problems or even damage in the machine.

    When the machine is not in use, place a cover on top of it to stop dust from entering. This can keep the interior workings cleaner. If the outside looks dirty or dusty, clean it with a dry microfiber cloth.

    Always Follow Your Manufacturer’s Instructions

    There are many coin counting machines on the market, produced by different manufacturers. The cleaning directions may be similar but not the same for each machine. In fact, what you do to clean one machine might actually damage another.

    To ensure that you’re not damaging your machine, always read your manufacturer’s instruction guide before cleaning.

    Use Air Duster to Remove Dust and Debris

    A can of nonflammable air duster has the ability to blow coin dust away from deep inside the machine, in hard-to-reach places, or on delicate surfaces. It won’t harm rubber, metallic, or plastic surfaces. It’s also safe to use with the coin counting machine’s optics when used as directed.

    Be sure to read and follow the directions on the can. Canned air can be dangerous if not used properly.

    Cleaning Wipes for Your Machine

    For outside surfaces, you could also use pre-saturated cleaning wipes to remove dust, dirt, and more. Cleaning cloths are easy to use: simply moisten the surface of the machine, wait ten seconds, and then wipe dry with a cloth. They can effortlessly remove stubborn dirt deposits.

    As an added bonus, the anti-static film on the wipes protects the cleaned areas from dirt for six to eight weeks. They’re also environmentally friendly, gentle on skin, and antibacterial as well.

    Vacuum the Interior

    To clean deep inside of your coin counter, you could use a vacuum blower and duster specifically designed for coin processing equipment. With extension wands, crevice tools, dust brushes, air pin-pointers, and air maximizers, these machines can reach right into your coin counter to suck up any dust or debris that might be otherwise difficult to get to.

    Always remember to unplug your coin counting machine before cleaning. This will prevent any parts from moving during cleaning, which increases the risk of damage.

    Keep Your Machine Healthy

    When you keep your coin counter clean, with air dusting, cleaning wipes, and vacuuming, you can rely on its efficiency for years to come. Properly and regularly cleaning your coin counter can ensure accuracy, speed, and reliability, while reducing maintenance service calls and inconvenient downtime. When your coin counter runs smoothly, so can your business.

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