How to Improve the Management of Your Bank Branch Equipment

    Jul 03 2019

    How many different pieces of equipment do you have in your bank branch? Probably quite a few. From PIN pads to check scanners, you have lots of devices you need to keep in good working order to deliver the best service to your customers.

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    For most branch managers, one of the biggest problems is the number of different vendors they need to deal with to manage their equipment. What if there were a better way to improve the management of your bank branch equipment?

    A more streamlined solution is close at hand.

    Think about All-Branch Service for Your Bank Branch Equipment

    All-branch service represents an end-to-end solution for every piece of equipment in your bank branch. From currency recyclers to PIN pads to magnetic card swipes, this solution proposes to take care of all your equipment needs.

    The solution focuses on streamlining management of bank branch equipment through a single provider. Instead of acquiring PIN pads from one manufacturer and check scanners from another, you’ll work with one vendor to acquire your hardware.

    That same vendor then helps you train your employees to use it and provides preventive maintenance to keep your equipment running longer.

    What Does All-Branch Service Include?

    All-branch service is comprehensive, which maximizes the benefits of working with one vendor.

    This vendor helps you acquire the hardware you need, when you need it. Whether you want new devices or you just want to streamline management, an all-branch service provider can help you find the right devices.

    They’ll also assist with warehousing and storage of those devices. They’ll keep track of your device inventory, storage of extra units, and fulfillment. It’s easier to see what bank branch peripherals you have on hand through this system.

    Once your devices arrive, the vendor will help you set up and activate them. They’ll also help integrate them into your existing network, and they’ll train your employees to use them properly.

    The vendor’s role Includes making sure the machines are functioning. Their expert team can run diagnostics and help you troubleshoot if a device isn’t working properly.

    They’ll also provide a repair and replacement program. An all-branch service provider usually has an inventory of parts. As mentioned, the vendor should also be offering preventive maintenance to keep your bank branch equipment running longer.

    What Are the Benefits?

    All-branch service may sound good in theory, but does it actually help you manage your bank branch equipment more effectively? A list of the benefits it provides should convince you that it can improve management.

    The first major benefit of all-branch service is that it simplifies the management process. Instead of dealing with several different vendors, you only have to deal with one. If something’s gone wrong, you know who to call. Better yet, the right vendors won’t shuffle you off to yet another third-party service to find parts or get machines repaired.

    This improves reliability, which means more uptime for your devices. Preventive maintenance and training for your employees also helps. With the right service and training, your team can deliver better customer service and improve their productivity.

    Finally, it also reduces the costs associated with managing your equipment. Dealing with different vendors could be driving up the costs of equipment management. You might incur extra fees for repairs or training, or you may have to pay out of pocket when you need to call in another repair service. 

    You’re also losing time as you call around to fix the malfunctioning equipment. This time could be spent doing other tasks with a better ROI.

    Talk to the Experts about All-Branch Service

    If you’re ready to streamline equipment management in your bank branch, get in touch with the experts. All-branch service is almost always the right move.

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