Can Your Business Benefit from Bank Note Sorters?

    Jan 29 2018

    Topics: cash management

    Bank note sorters can be a huge benefit to your business if your cash handling practices are currently manual. Using a bank note sorter, you can increase your business’s efficiency and reduce costs at the same time.

    Here’s how you’ll benefit.

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    Increased Efficiency

    Bank note sorters can increase efficiency. Instead of having employees manually counting cash, the bank note sorter does it for them in a fraction of the time and streamlines your cash handling processes. The bank note sorter sorts the bills into denominations and then counts them.

    The amount of time your employees save enables them to spend more time out on the floor offering customer service or performing other revenue-generating tasks.

    Saving Money

    It’s always important for a business to save money where it can, and a great way to do that is to automate your cash handling processes. There are many ways you can do this, but investing in bank note sorters is one of the top options available to you.

    Using a bank note sorter for your cash handling ensures employees aren’t wasting their time counting money, which saves you money. It also means there are fewer chances of human error occurring, so shrinkage will become less of a problem.

    And finally, it means employee theft will be reduced as employees will have fewer opportunities to be alone with your cash. All of this will end up saving you money, which is vital for the success of your business.

    Increased Productivity

    When you have a more efficient back room thanks to automation, you increase the productivity of your employees. You didn’t hire your employees to spend countless hours counting cash. You hired them to interact with customers and to increase sales. Investing in a bank note sorter ensures your employees can do what you hired them to do, which is only a benefit to your business.

    Researching Bank Note Sorters

    Before you invest in a bank note sorter, do your research. First, you need to know the cash volume your business processes. Different machines can process different amounts of cash. If your business doesn’t take in a lot of cash, then you don’t need a bank note sorter that can handle thousands of bills per minute.

    Second, you need to know what kind of currency your business takes in. Ensure the bank note sorter you invest in can recognize the currency you process. Additionally, you also need to be careful about purchasing older models of bank note sorters because some of them might not be able to process the new Canadian polymer bills.

    Third, bank note sorters can come with a multitude of different features. Learn about the different features and make a list of what you absolutely need. Any bill note sorter that you invest in should be able to do everything you need it to do.

    There are many ways a bank note sorter can benefit your business. It’s a worthwhile investment in order to automate your cash handling processes and increase efficiency in your back office.

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    Andrea Lombardi

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