How to Successfully Handle Cash at a Casino

    May 08 2015

    Topics: Casino, Cash Handling

    Even though the rate at which customers pay with debit and credit has increased over the last couple years, in the casino world, cash always has been and always will be king. And with cash comes the always time-consuming, risky, and often inaccurate tasks of counting, sorting, transporting, and storing it. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to handle cash more efficiently at your casino? When you invest in cash management solutions, this dream can become reality. With so many cash management solutions on the market today, it’s almost silly—and definitely unnecessary—to handle cash manually these days. Especially when you have to handle so much of it.

    When you’re accepting and dispensing cash at so many locations at a casino—your restaurant, retail shop, bar, gaming tables, and slot machines—it becomes immensely time consuming to handle cash. You don’t just have one cash register to handle—cash is changing hands continuously in many locations. Plus, don’t forget about your cash room where you must dispense floats and count and reconcile the day’s sales.

    It only makes sense for a casino owner to invest in top-of-the-line cash management equipment to help streamline the cash management process.

    The solutions below can give you a high ROI and keep your cash handling procedures running as smoothly and safely as possible.

    Upgrade Your Automated Cash Management System

    Once you get comfortable using an automated cash management system, it can be difficult to make the switch. You know how to use it and you feel safe having it. But considering casinos are prime targets for criminals, you can never get too comfortable with the technology you use to keep your cash safe. You need to keep ahead of them by having the most current system on the market. If your system’s been on the market for a while, some tech-savvy criminal has probably figured out how to defraud it by now, and this makes you vulnerable.

    Counterfeit Detectors

    With criminals becoming more sophisticated, it’s important for you to have the most up-to-date counterfeit detectors at every point of sale. Counterfeit detectors that are equipped with innovative detection technology can keep you safe from potential losses due to counterfeit bills. 

    Currency Recyclers

    Currency recyclers are so versatile that they can benefit your casino in a variety of ways. First, a recycler can act like a vault, since you can restrict access, enable a silent alarm, and shut down the system with the press of a key if there is a threat present. Secondly, it accepts and dispenses cash on a cycle so your cashiers never have too much cash on hand, which also reduces the risk of theft. Third, it counts all the money coming in and going out, so you save valuable time from counting floats and you also increase accuracy. Cash recyclers are highly reliable and a must for the casino industry.

    Currency Counters and Sorters

    You may think that manually counting and double counting your cash at the end of the day is the best strategy to ensure accuracy. But think of all the money you’re wasting on labour costs when you have thousands upon thousands of dollars in cash to count and sort every single day. Instead, when you use bill and coin counters and sorters, you can increase the accuracy of your counts and speed up the process considerably. You eliminate the risk of human error and internal theft, and you save valuable time so your employees can spend more time focusing on customer service.

    How to Improve Your Business With An Automated Cash

    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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