Should You Provide ID for Contractors?

    Jan 23 2014

    As reported in this story from Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online, more and more professional cleaning services are providing photo ID cards for their employees, and requiring them to be worn at all times. Chances are, if your business operates out of a professional office, you have a contract with a cleaning service to come in and clean during off hours. If your service provider doesn't require its staff to wear ID badges, it raises an interesting question. Should you provide a specific ID for your service provider to wear when working inside your building?

    Security and Clarity

    There are multiple details involved in answering this question for any specific office and cleaning service. There certainly may be cases where it is not a feasible or acceptable solution. But in other cases, providing an individual ID badge for cleaning staff, or for any other contracted individuals who perform maintenance or other tasks in your facility, can be a smart choice for everyone involved.

    If you have ID badges linked to the building's security system so that cards need to be swiped at the door in order to get in, you will need to make some provision for entrance to cleaning staff and other maintenance personnel, especially if they arrive for work at a time when there is no receptionist on duty or another person to let them in the building. A generic entrance badge may work, but if you have the option to provide an individualized badge, whether or not it includes a photo, it can give you a greater level of assurance knowing who is entering your building and when they are present. If you can't provide an individual badge for every person, but at least have the option of providing a general badge to whoever reports to your facility from your cleaning service, at least you will know that it's someone from your cleaning service who is entering and leaving, and when.

    An ID badge issued to cleaning staff or other service providers also tells your employees or building security that they have a reason to be present in your office. This is especially important if someone reports to your office to work during off hours when the person who authorized the work may not be present.

    ID for Every Visitor

    If you have an ID card printer onsite, it is a simple matter to create an ID card for every person who visits your office, whether it is someone coming in for a business presentation with your staff or contractors who keep your offices clean, well-maintained, and functional for work. Providing visitor and contractor ID cards, backed up by policies which require them to be worn while in the building, is a simple way to maintain security in your facility, and to avoid problems where there is some question of who a person is or of individuals trying to access areas they are not authorized to enter. A desktop ID printer with associated badge creation software makes the process of printing an individual card fast and easy for anyone who visits your office. 

    Matt Lombardi

    Matt Lombardi

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