The Cost of Cash Handling Is More Than You Think (Updated 2019)

    Mar 10 2017

    Topics: Cash Handling cash comes with a price! The cost of handling cash might not be on the radar of business owners. Handling cash comes with a number of visible and hidden expenses for business owners that can have a large impact on the effectiveness, efficiency, and price of processing cash.

    Don’t let these expenses catch your business by surprise; the cost of cash handling doesn’t have to remain a mystery. Calculate how much money your business spends on cash handling so that you can put a plan in place to reduce costs.

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    How Cost of Handling Cash Affects Your Profitability

    As a business owner, you want to ensure that you make the most out of accepting cash payments. It is important to evaluate your cash management process and consider how it can be made more efficient, secure, and profitable for your business. Many retailers experience inflated costs of cash handling as a result of a lack of cash organization, sloppy cash handling practices, or improper cash flow management. Within any given retail business, there are numerous ways that your cash management procedures can cost money; it makes sense to protect your business from falling prey to those mistakes. 

    There are a number of expected costs that occur when handling and processing cash. These visible costs are items such as cash balancing sheets, envelopes, and coin wrappers or other materials that you need to complete the cash management process. Visible costs are easy to budget for and aren’t typically variable, meaning that your business can effectively budget for them each month. 

    Accompanying the visible costs are a number of hidden costs of handling cash. Perhaps the costliest hidden cost is the cost of labour. Traditional cash management processes are extremely labour intensive. You rely on staff to complete your counting, tallying, sorting, and balancing processes. Manual cash handling is also notoriously unreliable and become quite costly for businesses when cash handling errors affect the cash management process. It can be very difficult to determine how long the cash management process will take each day; this can leave business owners at a loss when budgeting for labour costs. In addition, not only do cash handling errors cost your business money in losses, they drive up labour costs overall. Hidden costs of cash handling can have a negative impact on the profit margins for your business.

    Combatting High Costs: Calculating the Cost of Cash Handling

    The first step in reducing the cost of cash handling for your business is to use a cost of cash calculator to determine where your business is spending the most money. A cost of cash calculator is a tool that allows you to analyze your cash management process from beginning to end in order to determine where you are spending the most money. Since each step of the cash handling and management process involves a price, breaking down the process into steps gives you a comprehensive picture of your spending and shows you where you can make changes.

    Combatting High Costs: Controlling Overspending

    Once you have calculated the costs of cash you can put your plans of controlling said costs into action. One of the best ways to do so is to invest in automated cash management technology. Cash management technology works to improve the efficiency and security of your cash handling while reducing the manual labour necessary for processing cash in your business.

    With many options available, you can choose to automate your cash management to suit the specific needs of your business. The area where you spend the greatest amount of money on cash management is a great place to consider automation. You have the ability to control the cost of cash handling by making investments to save your business money.

    Cost of Cash Calculator

    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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